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Wind Telecommunications

    Il futuro parte dal wireless fisso

    E' destinato a crescere il ruolo del wireless 4G (in futuro 5G) per il sistema Paese, ossia per dotare tutti gli italiani di una copertura banda ultra larga

    The Challenge for Italy? Having Many Ferraris

    The question "what's next?," means "what's behind the corner?," but it can also mean "who will be next?" It might sound incredible but the object of this question, asked by some American investors to FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne after the Ferrari IPO, was not about the future of the FIAT group or his

    – Alessandro Plateroti

    An Outsider Wakes Up Telecom's Shareholders

    Not matter what happens, Naguib Sawiris's offer to acquire shares of Telecom shows that there is somebody willing to invest money in the growth of a strategic

    – Antonella Olivieri

    The Time Has Come for Choices

    In Europe, as in the rest of the world, there aren't any control holdings regulated by syndication pacts that manage big telecommunications companies. The big

    – Alessandro Plateroti

    The Courage to Change

    The technical government went way outside the playbook this time. And it did so on what is certainly the hardest and most insidious grounds in Italian

    – Carlo Marroni

    Business and Ethics, in the world

    In 2012, which is the relation between companies and business ethics? That's a big question. A global answer is in 2012 World's Most Ethical Companies Ranking by Ethisfere Institute. Few days ago in New York, during a gala, the ranking has been unveiled: 145 companies made the list, with 43 of them headquartered outside the United States. The ranking started in 2007 and now includes small, medium and large-size companies worldwide. Ethisphere Institute is a New York-based international think-ta...

    – Gabriele Caramellino

    Arriva il Wimax mobile

    Da quest'estate nel nostro Paese partirÓ la prima sperimentazione istituzionale

    L'offerta Ŕ mobile

    Immaginate un mercato telefonico senza barriere e fuori dagli schemi, un'ampia prateria in cui camminare liberi per scegliere il telefonino, la tariffa e il ser

    – di Carmine Fotina