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    Prossima destinazione? Il buen retiro green sulle cime

    Mentre aspetto che arrivi questo benedetto 3 giugno e con esso - si spera - il via libera fuori regione, mi chiedo spesso qual è il primo posto in cui vorrei catapultarmi. La prima destinazione post lockdown. Chiunque mi conosce penserebbe a un luogo di mare, si può persino tornare in barca! E invece, del tutto a sorpresa, mi scopro a sognare la montagna. Non quella modaiola e sfrontata, appendice della socialità metropolitana. Penso a cime più riservate, rustiche, in definitiva più esclusive. ...

    – Fernanda Roggero

    Fake News and Post-Truths? The "real" issue is how democracy is faring lately

    In the end, despite our steadfast efforts to avoid treading in the footpaths of trend-issues, systematically fueled and fed by the media and social networks, we have practically been "forced" to speak about them, due to the repeated requests and stimuli we have received. Nevertheless, I will attempt to frame these issues within a more ample discourse, trying, as ever, to highlight correlations and levels of connection, and taking care not to fall into the error of using slogans or trivializing t...

    – Piero Dominici

    We need to be part of a born-again Euro

    January 1st, 1999: the exchange rates between the Euro and the national currencies are established. The enthusiasm outstripped the economic studies, which stated that fixed exchange regimes among different states tend to not last long. However, there was strong regulatory support in spite of the

    – by Marcello Minenna


    Cosa ne sarà della nuova versione a fumetti, di taglio post-underground ma non troppo, che si sta confezionando da parte di bei tipi della Dynamite Entertainment? Naturalmente, auguriamo il meglio al revival della danzerina dalla grossa testa, non particolarmente ben servita quando un paio di decenni fa (e passa) tentarono di rivitalizzarla gli Walker Brothers, abbinandola al gatto Felix, in una striscia di ambiente hollywoodiano dallo scarso successo. Betty Boop (scoperta tanti anni ...

    – Luca Boschi

    The Signs that European Industry Must Follow

    The new phase of globalization may smile on the European industrial system. Let's start with a tactical consideration: the signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the trade agreement between the United States and Japan, is a formidable engine to accelerate the negotiations on the

    – Paolo Bricco

    Washington Accuses Berlin of Hampering Growth

    Both a short analysis done by the U.S. Treasury and a more generic statement by the International Monetary Fund have criticized Germany for the lack of

    – Carlo Bastasin

    Too Much Stability, Not Enough Growth

    It is true. The size of the cuts in public spending provided for by the stability law is insufficient. Moreover, the law's declared objective is to not

    – Luigi Paganetto

    The Politics of Moral Hazard

    BRUSSELS - It is an old and never-ending contest. On one side are the moral-hazard scolds, claiming that one of the major responsibilities confronting

    – by Jean Pisani-Ferry

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