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    Covid 19: come cambiano i premi d'arte

    L'emergenza causata dal coronavirus ha modificato le assegnazioni e ha premiato più artisti in un'ottica di maggior aiuto alla creatività

    – di Maria Adelaide Marchesoni

    Il gruppo Undo fa rotta sull'eolico e avanza in Puglia

    L'azienda laziale, alla quale fanno capo 44 impianti di proprietà, pronta a chiudere due nuove operazioni affiancata da Iccrea BancaImpresa. Il fatturato a quota 18 milioni nel 2020

    – di Celestina Dominelli

    Clear Jurisdiction and a Single Fund

    The hydrogeological anti-disaster relief program ought to be-not from today but for years-the expression of long-term and consistent maintenance with which the

    – Giorgio Santilli

    Berlin Wins In the EU Too.

    "At this point, all is left to do for Merkel is to personally settle in the community's institutions," says ironically a high-level European dignitary,

    – Adriana Cerretelli

    The First Step to a Fairer System

    The government is confidently awaiting the so-called delega fiscale (a mandate by which the government is entrusted to write up tax reform), which was finally

    – Enrico De Mita

    The Verdict's Iron-Clad Points

    No compromises. The Court of Cassation's "wisdom," recognized on the eve of the verdict even by Silvio Berlusconi's supporters, has led to an iron-clad

    – Donatella Stasio

    Italians must reject populism and embrace reform

    Italy's vital reform agenda hangs in the balance. Elections at the end of this month could split power between the Left, in the lower house, and Silvio

    – di Alberto Gallo*

    Will the Global Economy Add Up?

    CAMBRIDGE - This year has begun on a note of cautious optimism for the global economy. Europe is back from the brink. The United States did not fall over the

    – by Lawrence H. Summers

    An Inexplicable Paralysis?

    The Senate's approval of the second development decree proposed by the government does not change the perspective, and not only because the text for final

    – Guido Gentili

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