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Treasury bills

    Why the Markets Choose this Way

    Savers yesterday may have kept at distance from below-zero treasury bills, or BOTs. This is what we hope, at least, given that the falling yields designed by the European Central Bank (ECB) aim at this-moving savings from bills to infrastructures.

    – Isabella Bufacchi

    The Global Grip Around The Fed

    Those who predicted the American decline vis-à-vis China must have changed their mind in the past days: in the midst of a midsummer crisis, the signal of leadership for stability (in terms of economic growth and the stock market) came from the United States.

    – Mario Platero

    Why Political Chaos Isn't a Drag

    In the relay race between "financial repression" (incredibly low euro zone interest rates) and "political repression" (Italy's unstable government and at-risk

    – Isabella Bufacchi

    Long Live China's Slowdown

    NEW HAVEN - At 7.7%, China's annual GDP growth in the first quarter of this year was slower than many expected. While the data were hardly devastating relative

    – by Stephen S. Roach

    China's Coming Growth Tests

    BEIJING - The most recent official data show convincingly that the Chinese economy has bottomed out, and it is now widely expected that annual GDP growth

    – by Yu Yongding

    La grande speranza della fiscal capacity

    Siamo in tanti ormai a ritenere che all'Europa ed all'euro serva soprattutto una svolta decisa in direzione dell'integrazione politica. Eppure - i lettori lo

    – di Giuliano Amato

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