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The Passage

    The Passage. Prima stagione – 18 gennaio

    Prodotta da Riddley Scott che non è sempre un marchio di garanzia ma è comunque meglio di niente, The Passage debutta su Fox (Sky). La serie è basata sulla trilogia scritta da Justin Cronin. Siamo dalle parti del genere della fantascienza che si mischia all'horror e al fantastico. Protagonista una

    #Communication and Social Production of Knowledge. A 'new contract' for the 'society of individuals'*(1)

    Concept Map developed by Massimo Conte, Instructional Designer, with Cmap Tools. Click on the picture above to zoom it. Interactive concepts network of article: http://onodo.org/visualizations/17020/ Technological innovation is one of the determining variables of the evolution of social systems and organizations, but it is not sufficient in and of itself. Once more, what is needed is culture, shared knowledge and education to allow systems to metabolize change and to efficiently manage ...

    – Piero Dominici

    Ultimatum Unesco per Venezia: interventi entro dicembre 2018 o si rischia la lista dei beni in pericolo

    Il bicchiere è sempre mezzo pieno o mezzo vuoto. In questo caso caso potremmo dire che è a metà. Da un lato l'Unesco apprezza i progressi per difendere Venezia e chiede continui aggiornamento. dall'altro dice che bisogna far presto a mettere in campo interventi miranti entro dicembre 2018. Insomma la città lagunare - presa sempre più d'assalto dal turismo, almeno in alcune parti - resta sorvegliata speciale, e a fine 2018 si valuterà se inserirla nella lista dei beni in pericolo del patrimonio d...

    – Vincenzo Chierchia

    The Levers that Beijing Must Use

    Nobel Prize winning economist Simon Kuznets said several decades ago that there are four kinds of nations in the world: developed, underdeveloped, Argentina

    – Fabrizio Galimberti

    Let's Not Make Euro-rationals Become Euro-skeptics

    In its recent annual growth survey, "Strengthening the Recovery and Fostering Convergence," the European Commission expresses ideas only partially embraceable. The impression is that the commission strengthens the rules to load member states with new requests. But it also prohibits states to make

    – Alberto Quadrio Curzio

    Europe: Sleepwalking While Searching for a Strategy

    We find ourselves in the center of the most unstable area in the world without a strategy for common security and, therefore, exposed to the risk of sacrificing our own principles. European governments are like sleepwalkers.

    – Carlo Bastasin

    The Shift Produced by the Iran Agreement

    The involvement of Turkey-probably triggered by the Vienna agreement on Iran's nuclear power-represents a turning point in the already one-year long war against ISIS. From Ankara's point of view, the entente between the United States and Iran must have looked like a serious geopolitical defeat:

    – Alberto Negri

    "Many Apologies": Segolene Royale Says Sorry About Nutella

    "Many apologies for the discussion about Nutella. I acknowledge that progress has been made." With this message on Twitter, the French Environment minister, Segolene Royal, an important member of the government and former wife of President François Hollande, tried to close the uproar created by her

    – Marco Moussanet

    Knowing the Numbers

    The fact that a country spends between 15 and 16 percent of its GDP for pensions is undoubtedly a problem. And it is also true that the 1996 Dini reform-the true turning point for the welfare system-was born with a birth defect.

    – Dino Pesole

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