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The Holy Grail

    Una perdita di gettito difficile da assorbire

    La proposta dell'Istituto Bruno Leoni (Ibl), di cui si dato ampio conto su queste pagine, si inscrive in un dibattito che lungo ormai quasi un secolo: sono degli anni trenta i primi studi di Meade sul sistema tax-benefit inglese e degli anni sessanta l'idea, semplice ma geniale, di Friedman, di

    – di Stefano Toso

    A Backwards War

    It is a backwards oil war: the more the Middle East conflict becomes destructive and complex, the more the price of oil falls. There was a time when even a hint of war was enough to raise prices and fill the coffers of the producing countries. But today's paradox is superficial. Today, the weapon

    – Alberto Negri

    Living with a strong euro

    Another European Council and another set of good intentions to boost the recovery and reduce unemployment, this time centered on the digital economy. Yes,

    – di Alessandro Leipold

    The Id web map

    Two opposite approaches are emerging around the Facebook phenomenon and against it. On the one hand (inside FB), a concentration of several different services on a single platform: status info, short messages, bookmarks, photos, videos, polls and surveys, events and invitations and groups. Each user builds a rich identity within a simple network of peers. On the other hand (outside FB), there is an overwhelming variety of specialized services to which a person can be subscribed - a networked id...

    – Fabio Turel