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    AI Report 3: 10 ways in which machines are [paradoxically] supporting human resources

    Mya, Olivia or Vera are the head-hunters you might be talking to in the preliminary phases of your next job search. And yes, they are Artificial Intelligence (AI) software solutions used in the recruiting process. "Entrusting machines in the field of human resources (HR) may sound like a paradox, but if paired to human agency, artificial intelligence is potentially a revolutionary tool," Enza Artino, International Services Manager of Wyser, a global executive search and recruiting company of Gi...

    – Guiomar Parada

    Corsa al vertice dell'Agenzia Onu turismo (Unwto), sette in campo nessun italiano

    E' partita la corsa al vertice dell'Agenzia Onu per il turismo. A fine ottobre si nominerà il nuovo segretario generale nel vertice di Luxor, un segnale chiaro per un Paese chiave come l'Egitto. In corsa personaggi di altissimo profilo di varie parti del mondo. Brilla l'assenza di candidati italiani per sostituire Taleb Rifai, l'attuale segretario generale (nella foto). Di seguito la nota in inglese dell'Unwto. The Secretariat of the World Tourism Organization referring to decision CE/DEC/15(CI...

    – Vincenzo Chierchia

    A Casting that the Country Cannot Afford

    Is it appropriate to handle the problem of the succession of President Giorgio Napolitano as if it were a political casting? Asked this way, it seems like a

    – Paolo Pombeni

    That Useless Euro-British Clash

    Jean Claude Juncker versus David Cameron: the match will end up 1 - 0 at next week's European summit-or at least all signs point that way. If so, for the first

    – Adriana Cerretelli

    The European People and the War Between States

    "First they told him that he would never be able to build the rocket, then that it would have never left the launch ramp and now, having proven them wrong and

    – Adriana Cerretelli

    Europe's Political Transcendence

    WASHINGTON, DC - This month, European citizens will head to the polls to select the 751 members of the European Parliament to represent 507 million people. The

    – by Kemal Derviº

    So that Merit can Look to Public Nominations

    It is now trial by fire for the Renzi administration. It must prove that the young premier's hopes are well founded. It must give a signal of change to restore

    – Luigi Zingales

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