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The Alliance

    Lobby, regole ancora in alto mare. Promosso il Mise

    Il tema della regolamentazione delle lobby in Italia sembrava essere tornato di moda un anno fa, all'indomani dell'inchiesta sul petrolio in Basilicata che aveva coinvolto il compagno dell'ex ministra dello Sviluppo economico Federica Guidi, costretta alle dimissioni. «Dobbiamo cercare di arrivare

    – di Manuela Perrone

    Turkey, So Close But So Far

    Opportunism, otherwise known as realpolitik, creates paradoxes. The more Turkey gets further from democratic standards, with a kind of coup d'état that

    – Alberto Negri

    The Christmas of the Jubilee: Mercy in a New Era

    If Christmas for believers is always God's festivity (a God that is not tired of mankind and always loves them), this year it coincides with the Jubilee of

    – Bruno Forte

    The Need for a Control Room in the Alliance

    There is an 'Italian style' in military missions and the war on terror. True, Italy chose global strategy over spotty interventions and air raids, but its contingent in the anti-ISIS coalition is, by far, the most substantial among European countries (Italy's contingent will soon become 750-strong,

    – Gerardo Pelosi

    If Every Nation Choses to Fight Its Own War

    It's time to take off the masks. If everyone wages their own war in the Levant, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi could achieve his plan to divide up Iraq and Syria-a rather farfetched hypotheses but not as remote if everyone wants to take a piece of the Middle East home. It wouldn't be the first time this

    – Alberto Negri

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