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    Il 5G sposta in avanti la frontiera industriale: il CTO di Ericsson ? The English Version

    The Importance of Being 5G: an Interview with Ericsson's Chief Technology Officer And how 5G with Artificial Intelligence advances the industrial frontier  "For 30 years we have focused on consumers and now we're looking to enterprises as they digitalize" A message to businesses: 5G wireless networks are keeping the promise of ultra-high speed and capacity for data transfer. This is what the results of trials and very first deployments in Europe, the US and Asia are telling. The dramatically ...

    – Guiomar Parada

    Fake News and Post-Truths? The "real" issue is how democracy is faring lately

    In the end, despite our steadfast efforts to avoid treading in the footpaths of trend-issues, systematically fueled and fed by the media and social networks, we have practically been "forced" to speak about them, due to the repeated requests and stimuli we have received. Nevertheless, I will attempt to frame these issues within a more ample discourse, trying, as ever, to highlight correlations and levels of connection, and taking care not to fall into the error of using slogans or trivializing t...

    – Piero Dominici

    The Speculative Pressure on the ECB Levee

    Transparency is certainly one of the most important innovations to be introduced by Mario Draghi in the European Central Bank (ECB). Today, thanks to the publication of the minutes, the meetings among the central bankers in the executive Committee are no longer a mystery or the realm of the few. As

    – Alessandro Plateroti

    The Circo Massimo: 2,000 Years Later

    I thought that Stalinism was finished. Dead and buried. It may be so, in the sense that the Soviet Union no longer exists, and luckily there are no longer any admirers of Stalin (or if there are, they do not want to admit it). But stalinist behaviors are still around, definitely. The most popular

    – Luca Ricolfi

    A Requiem for Global Imbalances

    BERKELEY - The start of 2014 marks ten years since we began fretting about global imbalances, and specifically about the chronic trade and current-account

    – by Barry Eichengreen

    If Europe Limits Itself to 'Better Than Nothing'

    A historic decision for Europe, even if adopted only gradually, and following virtuous evolutionism: in a cold, snowy winter, 22 years ago in Maastricht, the

    – Adriana Cerretelli

    The Dawn of a New Age With Madiba

    When Nelson Mandela appeared, the chant began almost as a whisper, the feet of thousands of people rhythmically beating on the ground, which began to shake

    – Alberto Negri

    The German Vote and the Italian Disease

    Italy needs a government that can free the country from the blackmail of bureaucracy and put a substantial dent in the current (nonproductive) public spending,

    – Roberto Napoletano

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