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    Uffici, lo smart working libera spazi da ripensare

    Gli uffici non spariranno, ma la fase 2 porterà discontinuità: più tecnologia, ma anche stanze per la meditazione e i tempi di break, temperatura e illuminazione personalizzabili

    – di Evelina Marchesini

    America's Renminbi Fixation

    NEW YORK - For seven years, the United States has allowed its fixation on the renminbi's exchange rate to deflect attention from far more important issues in

    – by Stephen S. Roach

    The US-China Dialogue of the Deaf

    NEW YORK - In 2010, economic conflict between the United States and China became one of the most worrying global developments. The US pressed China to revalue

    Le Défi Chinois

    NEW YORK - So far, discussions about whether or not China should revalue its currency, the renminbi, have focused almost exclusively on the impact of the

    – by Karl P. Sauvant and Ken Davies

    Troubling Interventions

    PRINCETON - The most noteworthy commemoration of the second anniversary of Lehman Brothers' collapse on September 15, 2008, was Japan's unilateral currency

    – by Harold James