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Research Advisory Council

    Industry in Europe: digitalizzazione e sostenibilitÓ al centro del rilancio del sogno europeo

    Nell'anno della celebrazione del sessantesimo anniversario del Trattato di Roma, lo scenario in cui si trova ad operare la Commissione Europea Ŕ molto diverso da quello in cui la CEE cominci˛ a perseguire la sua missione di unificazione dei mercati e di integrazione internazionale. SocietÓ e sistema economico sono stati oggetto di varie ondate di rinnovamento: l'entrata di nuovi players internazionali e l'introduzione sul mercato di soluzioni innovative hanno reso meno prevedibili le dinamiche ...

    – Alberto Di Minin

    Great Cities and Ghost Towns

    HONG KONG - Many observers tend to regard the rise of unoccupied modern ghost towns, funded through risk-laden local-government financing vehicles (LGFVs), as

    – by Andrew Sheng and Geng Xiao

    China's Subprime Risks

    HONG KONG - It is now widely accepted that the recent global financial crisis was actually a balance-sheet crisis. Long periods of negative interest rates

    – by Andrew Sheng and Geng Xiao

    Piketty with Chinese Characteristics

    HONG KONG - In his bestselling book , Thomas Piketty argues that capitalism aggravates inequality through several mechanisms, all of which are based on the

    – by Andrew Sheng and Geng Xiao

    Harnessing China's Competitive Streak

    HONG KONG - China's State Council recently unveiled a for capital-market reform until 2020, in which it identifies two key objectives: to support open, fair,

    – by Andrew Sheng and Geng Xiao

    Re-Governing China

    BEIJING - This year's in Beijing revealed the clearest vision yet of how China's leaders intend to deliver the Chinese Dream, which President Xi Jinping has

    – by Andrew Sheng and Xiao Geng

    La scheda di Vernon Smith

    Docente presso la Chapman University, Ŕ ricercatore e membro dell'Economic Science Institute della Chapman. E' fellow della Econometric Society e membro del

    • Italy's Downward Spiral

      MUNICH - Italy is now in a triple-dip recession. But it didn't get there by itself. Yes, the economy's long slide reflects Italian leaders' failure to confront

      – by Hans-Werner Sinn