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    China's Economy, the Belt and Road Initiative, 5G and Cyber Security: The Basics

    (Italiano qui) -Chinese president Xi Jinping values, so he said, retying the link between Beijing and Rome. Historically it was Beijing and Venice, but never mind, because it's in Rome that he signed last week a Memorandum of Understanding with the Italian government: it includes an Italian participation in China's One Belt One Road Initiative (BRI), bilateral trade and financial resources-of which Italy is badly in need of. Is it a good deal? A bad deal? For the readers who want to form her or...

    – Guiomar Parada

    Why Has Italy Decided to Veto Two EU Measures in Less Than a Week

    European policies of the Renzi government have become increasingly difficult to understand, especially from abroad. Twice in less than a week, Italian officials have decided to veto the adoption of new measures in the Council, blocking a decision that appeared to be a done deal. The first time was last Friday when the Italian Minister of Economic Development Carlo Calenda announced to the surprise of most member states that Italy could not accept the proposal by the European Commission and the S...

    – Beda Romano

    Beijing Promises Stability on the Yuan

    The Chinese weapon to sedate and reassure the financial markets is the Governor of the People's Bank of China (PBOC), Zhou Xiaochuan, who yesterday lived an intense day. The number one of PBOC revived the stock markets after a black Thursday, unfortunately without dispelling the doubts that for

    – Rita Fatiguso

    With Mattarella, the Best of Italy Returns in Europe

    When on Oct. 7, at the peak of the refugee crisis, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President François Holland appeared together before the EU Parliament in Strasbourg, expectations ran high, and for a reason. The first and only time the leaders of Germany and France were together in

    – Adriana Cerretelli

    Merkel's Silence

    The most realistic-the one who calls things by their proper name-as usual, was German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble, a man with the gift, uncommon for a politician, of speaking his mind.

    – Alessandro Merli

    The Market's Bitter Awakeining

    Nothing more than a great stock market collapse has the ability to scare the world's public opinion, savers and policymakers alike. This is not because the stock market represents the health (or the problems) index of an economic and financial system: in fact, in the past, on many an occasion the

    – Alessandro Plateroti

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