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    AI Report - The ethics of artificial intelligence: at the center of the debate of businesses, universities and institutions. The point of view of Francesca Rossi, expert for the EC and AI Ethics Global Leader IBM

    Ms. Rossi, help us put into context the status of artificial intelligence (AI): on the one hand we have the Pontifical Academy for Life, IBM, Microsoft, the FAO and the Italian Government signing a document for the Ethics of AI and the High Level Expert Group (HLEG) of the European Commission (Italiano qui) (CE) working at guidelines for a trustworthy AI. On the other, the use of AI is exploding both as to consumer interfaces and productive sector applications. an AI program deemed uninteresting...

    – Guiomar Parada

    Interview with Andrea Enria (Bce)

    The Chair of the Supervisory Board of the ECB interviewed by Fabio Tamburini, editor in chief of Il Sole 24 Ore

    – di Fabio Tamburini

    An action plan for Italy and Covid-19

    This document presents the structure of an Action Plan and practical immediate measures to manage the current crisis, drawn from the contributions of experts in many different fields. Given the nature and complexity of the issues, this remains an open agenda that requires continued input and expertise from around the world. The active participation of other contributors is therefore warmly welcomed.

    – di Corrado Passera


    Se n'č andato ieri, a Bristol, all'etŕ di 86 anni, Richard Williams, uno dei massimi animatori e registi di animazione di tutti i tempi, creatore di Roger Rabbit in versione animata (vale a dire del suo design definitivo e della sua mimica, della sua recitazione), di Jessica Rabbit, di Baby Herman e di tutti i nuovi personaggi dell'incredibile successo di botteghino di Walt Disney/Steven Spielberg (e solo questo sarebbe bastato a farlo scolpire in caratteri di platino nel librone della storia ...

    – Luca Boschi

    Daničle Nouy: «Italian banks have done a good job in reducing NPLs»

    Is the European banking system safer today compared with 2014, when the ECB took over banking supervision?We have delivered in making the European banking system much safer and sounder. It is better able to serve European people and companies and fund the economy. Compared with 2015, or indeed the

    – diIsabella Bufacchi

    Interview BDI-President Dieter Kempf with Il Sole 24 Ore

    1.Which are the main challenges that the German industry, the Italian industry and overall the European industry will have to face in the future? European Industry needs and wants to remain competitive and lead globally. First of all, the European Single Market needs to be completed. Europe needs a

    – by Isabella Bufacchi

    Interview with Christine Lagarde, managing director of the IMF

    At the annual meetings, two months ago, you made a call to "repair the roof when the sun is shining". This has proved very popular: it has been repeated frequently since then by commentators and policy-makers, including by the European Commission this week in presenting its proposals for reform of

    – by Alessandro Merli

    Angeloni (Ecb): «Banks, new rules only for future NPLs»

    How do you see the Italian banking system developing?There's been a marked improvement in recent months. Not all banks are moving at the same speed, but the direction is the right one. Non-performing loans (NPLs) are declining significantly, both across the euro area and in Italy, also thanks to

    – di Alessandro Merli

    Ajax: danni cerebrali permanenti per Nouri

    Sono gravi le condizioni di Abdelhak Nouri, il giovane calciatore dell'Ajax svenuto in campo lo scorso 8 luglio, a causa di un'aritmia cardiaca, durante un'amichevole pre-stagionale contro il Werder Brema. Il giocatore, che č stato subito soccorso in campo col defribillatore, č stato trasportato in

    – a cura di Datasport

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