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    AIM Conference 2018: Italy that works

    LONDON - The City is about to meet the part of Italy that works: the first conference entirely devoted to companies that are listed on Aim Italia, the market of the Italian Stock Exchange reserved for small and medium enterprises (Smes), starts in London today. The event places 25 companies in the

    – di Nicol Degli Innocenti

    Italy and a Robot Named Pippo

    I had a dream: a robot named Pippo, who owes everything to man, but is able to do anything by itself thanks to artificial intelligence. Starting from Palermo, he crosses the Strait of Messina, drives through Italy in his car, parks it at Milan-Malpensa Airport, gets on a flight to New York all by

    – Roberto Napoletano

    The Courage to Invest in the Real Economy

    Italian pride has the force of its industry, which was able to innovate and conquer new global primacies; it has the eyes and talent of its youth, who guide

    – Roberto Napoletano

    How We Can Recover 0.5 Percent of GDP

    Why do we need a law that would allow suppliers to be paid? Even a top manager, and not just your average homemaker, could feel powerless facing this "naive"

    – Fabrizio Galimberti

    Italy's Industrial Policy

    I recall a phone conversation I once had with former Fiat CEO Umberto Agnelli and the answer he gave to a very straightforward question I posed: "Who is Sergio

    – Roberto Napoletano