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Paul VI

    Global Growth to Overcome Extremism

    Faced with the victims of terror and war, wherever these atrocities take place, we must ask ourselves how to engage in counter-action using the tools of security, defense and rational prudence. But we must also ask ourselves how to overcome the many overt and covert causes of violence and suffering

    – Alberto Quadrio Curzio

    Like It Were Year Zero

    Pope Francis intervened recently on the Fifth National Ecclesiastical Council, which is taking place in Florence the day after it started, and asked for a new direction for the Italian Church.á

    – Gianfranco Brunelli

    1978-2008. At nr.8 of Via Montalcini, the apartment building where Aldo Moro was held prisoner

    The apartment building of Via Montalcini was shown in the movie "Buongiorno Notte" by Marco Bellocchio. The interior was also somehow partially seen in the terrible images in the photos sent by the Red Brigades to the media at the time of th kidnapping. We have looked at them innummerable times, God onlyknows how many more times his family looked in anguish at them. So far, nobody the we know of has been alloed inside the apartment with a camera. When the location was identified through the co...

    – Cristina Tagliabue