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North Star

    Torna Milan Games Week, tutto quello che c'è da sapere

    Per la prima volta, in anteprima assoluta sul territorio italiano, allo stand di Leoch Media ci sarà Metro Exodus (Padiglione 8 – stand H02), a disposizione anche Shadow of the Tomb Raider, F1 2018 e Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise.

    – di L.Tre.

    Urgent Measures to Rediscover Demand

    As confirmed by the downward revision of consumer prices yesterday by Italy's National Institute for Statistics, prices continue to congeal. Is this good or bad news? That depends, says 'The Economist,' as per the old joke by Winston Churchill: "When I ask an opinion from two economists, I have two

    – Fabrizio Galimberti

    The Undeclared War of Currencies

    Two birds with a stone. It is a so called double attack; in chess, it is called "the fork"; but it is also the surprise move that the People's Bank of China (PBC) decided to make by introducing (through a devaluation) a new and more-consistent-with-market-trends exchange policy for the renminbi.

    – Donato Masciandaro

    The Unheard Reasons Of Manufacturers

    Fortune offers a chance, but virtue takes it. Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi knows well the political thinking of his great fellow Florentine, Niccolò Machiavelli. He has so far managed a turning moment of the economy driven by external factors-first and foremost the action of the European

    – Alberto Orioli

    Attention to the Italy that Innovates

    Institutions think they don't just exist. The more stable and authoritative they are, the more continuity of thought there is from one to the next in succession of those who rise to power internally. And this is what continues to happen with the president of the republic. The speech that new

    – Sergio Fabbrini

    In crociera, sulle navi di nuova generazione

    Una vacanza itinerante, che unisce la visita a luoghi diversi con il divertimento e lo sport tra una tappa e l'altra. Le crociere sono sempre più amate, grazie al buon rapporto qualità/prezzo e alle diverse possibilità che offre, in grado di soddisfare esigenze e gusti di tutti. E, cavalcando

    – di Francesca Pace

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