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New Narrative for Europe

    From Stem Cells to New Plastics: A Journey Through the Land of Inventors

    "As an igniting spark, at the beginning of our activity, some foreign operators granted us the exclusive use of five patents. Even though we were 'newly born,' so to speak, they preferred us to some multinational corporation from another country because they recognized Italian leadership in terms

    – Paolo Bricco

    If Berlin Pays the Price for Ties Between Business and Politics

    Ten years ago, as German politicians love to recall, Germany was the "sick man of Europe." After structural reforms and harsh sacrifices, especially in the labor market, and with tight control of public spending, goes the narrative, it became an example for all, the model to follow in Europe, a

    – Alessandro Merli

    The Slow Redistribution of Jobs

    Today, it will only be the first day of May, and not really a Labor day celebration. Numbers from the latest study by ISTAT (Italy's main public statistical agency) have, once more, sprayed ice cold water on the enthusiasm triggered by the administrative survey by the Ministry of Labor on hiring

    – Alberto Orioli

    The Move that Tsipras Must Make

    By speaking with German Finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble and his Greek counterpart Yanis Varoufakis, one has the feeling that the talks between Greece and the European authorities is open, but after two months of stalling negotiation, the European partners have no illusions and it is up to Athens

    – Carlo Bastasin

    A "Soft Grexit" Remains a Possibility

    Greece needs to be saved in order to save the integrity of the euro and of Europe, so the official narrative goes. And for many, this remains the preferred scenario. In reality, however, behind the scenes, "Grexit" (the exit of Greece from the euro system) is becoming more and more a realistic

    – Adriana Cerretelli

    The Greek Crisis: Immediate Collateral Damage

    Europe's attention these days is totally devoted to Greece - and understandably so, given the critical stakes at hand. Quite aside from how this latest installment of the euro crisis will end, the concentration of attention on Athens has however immediate costs for everyone, in three ways: it

    – Sandro Leipold

    What Europe Wants, and the Reasons Behind the Conflict

    Every war has its assassinated Archduke or its kidnapped Helen that simplify the reasons it started. The Ukrainian battle has the Agreement of Association with the European Union. For many in both the East and in the West, this is the real reason for the conflict. And its upon this that conspiracy

    – Ugo Tramballi

    Explaining Italy to the World

    There's something very particular about a newspaper's core personality, something that safeguards a deep sense of its spirit, that makes it easy to recognize,

    – Roberto Napoletano

    Policy Crimes

    STANFORD - When the Berlin Wall fell a quarter-century ago this November, pundits led by Francis Fukuyama proclaimed - the triumph of democratic capitalism

    – by Michael J. Boskin

    The People Behind the Prices

    "Behind the prices are people and their well being. We have this in mind when we make our decisions." This is the response of European Central Bank chief Mario

    – Giorgio Barba Navaretti

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