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New Century

    Le tensioni commerciali Usa-Cina pesano sui metalli

    Il pessimismo sulle guerre commerciali tra Usa e Cina ha iniziato a pesare sulle quotazioni dei metalli di base, sommandosi in alcuni casi alla debolezza dei fondamentali. In questa situazione è soprattutto lo zinco, sceso questa settimana ai minimi da agosto 2017 - 2.815 dollari per tonnellata

    – di Sissi Bellomo

    A Courageous Shift in Fiscal Policy

    A Copernican revolution: that is how Prime Minister Matteo Renzi defined his project to abate fiscal pressure by 45 billion euros in three years, between now and 2018.

    – Luca Ricolfi

    Berlin's Double Oven Strategy

    How do we reconcile the German energy policy that led to the negotiations with Russia over Nord Stream and the community sanction pertaining to the Ukraine that harm Italian exports? Let's be clear, both decisions are perfectly legitimate. But, as their concrete effects unravel, do they risk

    – Paolo Bricco

    The Unsustainable Illusion of a National Currency

    On Jan. 15, the Swiss central bank has unexpectedly abandoned its defense of the franc/euro 1.2 exchange rate. The decision seems to be motivated mostly by the fear that the long awaited program of national bond purchase by the European Central Bank (ECB) could infect the Helvetic Confederation

    – Gianni Toniolo

    The Future of Economic Progress

    WASHINGTON, DC - Slowly but surely, the debate about the nature of economic growth is entering a new phase. The emerging questions are sufficiently different

    – by Kemal Derviº

    That Centurylong March

    It was a long march, that of Fiat in the U.S., now crowned by the acquisition of 100 percent of Chrysler. Giovanni Agnelli went to the U.S. for the first time

    – Valerio Castronovo

    Which Policies Reduce Income Inequality?

    BERKELEY - US President Barack Obama that growing income inequality and the inequality of opportunity that it creates are the defining challenges now facing

    – by Laura Tyson

    Writing the Future

    ADDIS ABABA - What does the future hold for the global economy? Will living standards rise worldwide, as today's poor countries leapfrog technologies to catch

    – by Jeffrey D. Sachs

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