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Mark J. Roe

    Greece and the Limits of Anti-Austerity

    CAMBRIDGE - Is austerity dead? At last month's G-8 meeting at Camp David, the German-led austerity program for the eurozone's troubled southern members ran up

    – by Mark J. Roe

    How Brazil Broke Loose

    CAMBRIDGE - Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff's visit last week to Washington, DC, offers an occasion to consider how some once-poor countries have broken out

    – by Mark J. Roe and JoŃo Paulo Vasconcellos

    The Economic Future of Egypt's Revolution

    CAMBRIDGE - For Egypt, the question of the day is whether the country will build an open, democratic political system or relapse into some form - new or old -

    – by Mark J. Roe

    Il futuro economico della rivoluzione in Egitto

    CAMBRIDGE - La questione principale dell'Egitto al momento Ŕ se il paese riuscirÓ a creare un sistema politico democratico oppure se ricadrÓ in una qualche

    – di Mark J. Roe

    La public company e i suoi nemici

    L'autore del libro, professore di diritto alla Harvard Law School, parte dalla premessa che quasi sempre la struttura proprietaria della grande impresa Ŕ analiz

    • How Capitalist is America?

      CAMBRIDGE - If capitalism's border is with socialism, we know why the world properly sees the United States as strongly capitalist. State ownership is low, and

      – by Mark J. Roe

      • Clearinghouse Over-Confidence

        CAMBRIDGE - To reduce the chance that a financial meltdown like that of 2007-2008 will recur, regulators are now seeking to buttress institutions for the

        – by Mark J. Roe