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    Edgar Morin: denizen of unpredictable times

    For Edgar Morin, sociologist, philosopher, intellectual?but most of all, mentor and friend, beyond time *The following text is a translation of the chapter written by Piero Dominici for the tribute book on the thought and works of Edgar Morin: "Cento Edgar Morin", edited by Mauro Ceruti (Mimesis Pub.), a collection of 100 articles written by Italian academicians in celebration of Morin's 100th birthday. It is a complicated, nearly impossible endeavor, in so few words, to portray, even to ba...

    – Piero Dominici

    Coronavirus, Italy tightens lockdown as deaths climb

    The whole country will be locked-down until April 3rd as the coronavirus outbreak worsens. The goal is containing the emergency - but economic consequences can be harsh

    – by Alberto Magnani

    Fake News and Post-Truths? The "real" issue is how democracy is faring lately

    👉 I am pleased to share some excerpts extracted from the scientific article: "Fake News and Post-Truths? The "real" issue is how democracy is faring lately" #PeerReviewed  Here's the link: https://www.francoangeli.it/riviste/Scheda_rivista.aspx?IDArticolo=61331 DOI:10.3280/SISS2017-003014 FrancoAngeli Ed. #complexity #democracy #research #education #complexity #approach #ComplexSystems  "In the end, despite our steadfast efforts to avoid treading in the footpaths of trend-issues, syste...

    – Piero Dominici

    L'imperatore del Giappone Akihito: disponibile a possibile abdicazione

    TOKYO - In un messaggio pre-registrato rilasciato oggi e trasmesso in televisione a partire dalle 15 ora locale (le 8 del mattino in Italia), l'imperatore del Giappone Akihito, 82 anni, ha fatto chiaramente intendere di voler abdicare in futuro per ragioni di età avanzata e salute, che potrebbero

    – dal nostro corrispondente Stefano Carrer

    The Currency War that Nobody Wins

    The Bank of Japan is trying to depreciate the yen. The European Central Bank (ECB), with the announcement of new monetary steps in March, is pushing the euro

    – Morya Longo

    Opposition Grows Against ECB Funds to Greek Banks

    For the second consecutive day, the European Central Bank (ECB) kept at around 89 billion euros the limit to emergency liquidity (ELA) that the Greek Central Bank provides to Greek lenders; but the continued supply of liquidity was severely criticized by the President of the Bundesbank Jens

    – Alessandro Merli

    The Mission and the Mistakes

    After nearly one month since the termination was first announced through the media, Claudio Costamagna has effectively substituted Franco Bassanini as President of Cassa Depositi e Risparmi (CDP-savings and loans bank). In fact, the foundations that are shareholders in the CDP-who for at least two

    – Alessandro Plateroti

    Italian Policy for Europe and Alliances

    After more than one year after its creation, and nearly six months since the end of the European semester, the Renzi administration appears to have devised its own very clear policy regarding Europe and the single currency. Or at least it seems this way based on a memo that mysteriously made its

    – Luigi Zingales

    It's Time to Open to the Market

    The special administration of Banca Etruria, the investigation by Rome prosecutors and stock market regulator CONSOB into alleged insider trading cases before the government announced the reform of the cooperative bank sector, the investigation into proxy votes at UBI Banca. The latest snapshots of

    – Alessandro Graziani

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