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    David Bowie è? David Bowie sarà

    Non è così forzato vedere in David Bowie un moderno uomo universale. Lo ribadisce non solo la retrospettiva David Bowie Is, al Mambo di Bologna fino al prossimo 13 novembre dopo il trionfale giro del mondo inaugurato al Victoria and Albert Museum di Londra, che tre anni fa lanciò per primo la sonda

    – Emilio Cozzi

    • News24

    A Growth Pact for Europe

    The specter of a return of the debt crisis is once again haunting Europe. Yet developments in recent days are telling us nothing new: even if there are initial

    – Guido Westerwelle

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    An Education Pact for the Adults of Tomorrow

    Typically, the family communicates the basic moral experience to youth almost by osmosis. Through wholesome primary attachments, like a mother's smile telling

    – Angelo Scola

    • News24

    The Power of Living in Truth

    NEW YORK - The world's greatest shortage is not of oil, clean water, or food, but of moral leadership. With a commitment to truth - scientific, ethical, and

    – by Jeffrey D. Sachs

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    The last chance laying all the cards on the table

    Politics has its own laws, which are inevitable. One of them regards inertia: it says that it can help a divided ruling coalition survive a few months, maybe a

    – by Fabrizio Forquet

    • NovaCento

    The attention economy

    Some alongside considerations to the exciting panel discussion with Luca De Biase and Enzo Rullani today at the State of the Net conference. Luca made a strong point (and paved the way for Rullani's great speech) in telling that there is a strong and urgent need to reject the idea of decline, to find new ways to imagine and narrate the future, and finally to spread the knowledge that - at the other end of a paradigm shift - a different definition of happiness might exist. This difficult, epic ta...

    – Fabio Turel