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    From Stem Cells to New Plastics: A Journey Through the Land of Inventors

    "As an igniting spark, at the beginning of our activity, some foreign operators granted us the exclusive use of five patents. Even though we were 'newly born,' so to speak, they preferred us to some multinational corporation from another country because they recognized Italian leadership in terms

    – Paolo Bricco

    The Tax Credit Research Needs

    In Europe and in Italy, it is not easy to overcome inexact assessments of our industrial and manufacturing system. Public opinion is aware of the excellence expressed by famous brands. Instead, less (or not well enough) known is the strength of our manufacturing sector as a whole-the reason for its

    – Alberto Quadrio Curzio

    Francesca von Habsburg: "artists should be explorers and think of our planet, not wait for the phone call from their gallery"

    In spite of being heiress of the dynasty of industrialists and art collectors Thyssen-Bornemisza, and being the hypothetical empress of the defunct Austro-Hungarian empire, having married its direct heir, Francesca von Habsburg doesn't like to sit on her throne. If you have the opportunity to be invited to one of the interdisciplinary expeditions on board of the vessel Dardanella, you won't see her basking in the sunlight, taking pilates classes, or having conversations about the Paris fashion w...

    – Marcello Pisu

    Bill de Blasio's old world New York

    In 2010, Bill de Blasio took his wife and children on an excursion from Naples to the medieval hill town Sant'Agata de' Goti. Like many Italian Americans with

    – di Jason Horowitz

    The Second Opening of Japan

    TOKYO - US President Barack Obama is visiting Tokyo at a unique moment in my country's history, with Japan's economy moving onto a stable new growth path that

    – by Shinzo Abe

    The Value in Sectors and Districts

    The development of each country relies, at the end of the day, on the correct diagnoses of its strong and weak points, formulated by that country's top

    – Giacomo Becattini

    The Humanities Crisis

    NEW YORK - A striking symmetry is emerging in debates about the future of higher education around the world. On the one hand, there is growing concern that the

    – by Andrew Delbanco

    The Incarnation of Politics Is Gone

    Future historians will place Giulio Andreotti in the national narrative of the postwar period. They will be able to establish how long he was able to represent

    – Stefano Folli

    Why Europe?

    PRINCETON - What is the point of Europe? The threat of an explosive disintegration of the eurozone - and with it of the European Union - is receding. But the

    – by Harold James

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