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    Il Parlamento Ue in soccorso della salute di api e impollinatori

    A grande maggioranza e per alzata di mano l'Europarlamento ha approvato a Strasburgo un'ampia risoluzione a sostegno di un'iniziativa per venire in soccorso alla salute delle api e in generale per la preservazione degli impollinatori in Europa. Agli Stati membri e all'Esecutivo Ue, gli eurodeputati chiedono di rafforzare il sostegno alla ricerca, alla formazione degli apicoltori, alla sorveglianza e monitoraggio sugli insetti impollinatori e sul loro habitat. In particolare, per le api da miele,...

    – Guido Minciotti

    Regione Marche stanzia 237mila ? per l'apicoltura 2019-2022

    Sostenere il settore, migliorare la produzione, tutelare i consumatori. Sono gli obiettivi del Programma apistico regionale 2019-2022 approvato dalla Giunta regionale delle Marche. Beneficiari sono i consorzi apistici e gli oltre 1.500 apicoltori marchigiani che gestiscono più di 47 mila alveari. Hanno a disposizione, nel triennio, 237mila euro per promuovere investimenti aziendali e formazione professionale. Il programma rappresenta un'articolazione regionale (sottoprogramma) di quello nazional...

    – Guido Minciotti

    Illiquid securities: those risks that Germany doesn't want to see

    The debate on the European deposits insurance scheme - planned for years as the third pillar of the Banking Union alongside the single supervision and the single resolution mechanism - has rekindled recently in the wake of a position paper released in early November by the German Minister of

    – by Marcello Minenna

    The Lardini recipe: Piazza Affari plus a short supply chain

    «To cater for the fashion industry's demand for instant service you have to have your own kitchen». Andrea Lardini, chairman and CEO of Lardini, founded 41 years ago as a contract tailors in the little municipality of Filottrano, in the province of Ancona, and now a luxury men's/women's fashion

    – di Silvia Pieraccini

    Ferragamo luxury with a Millennial flavour

    When Salvatore Ferragamo returned to Italy in 1927 after 12 years in the US, where he had made his reputation as the shoemaker to the stars of Hollywood, he decided to settle in Florence and open a shoe factory, attracted by the artisan tradition, the decorative arts and the modernity with which

    – di Silvia Pieraccini

    From the French Alps to the summit of K2

    When, sent by Charles VIII of France, Antoine de Ville became the first man to reach the top of the "Mont Inaccessible" in June 1492, Christopher Columbus was still planning the voyage that would see him set foot in the New World. The French king was certainly not au fait with the term yogaruda, he

    – di Chiara Beghelli

    Armani's global view, from furniture to beauty

    Ten years ago Australian biochemist Elizabeth Blackburn was awarded the Nobel prize for discovering that telomeres, the ends of our chromosomes, are responsible for cell ageing. But aside from our DNA, staying young is a question of the mind and the heart. On 11 July Giorgio Armani turned 85 and

    – di Chiara Beghelli

    Innovative SMEs take the spotlight

    «We are passionate about new brands and we try to bring an up-to-date selection to Milan because we believe that to be the right response to a market where consumers are bored and are crying out for products with a story, products which excite them». It is almost twenty years since Massimiliano

    – di Marta Casadei

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