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International Economic Policy at the Woodrow Wilson School

    The Global Economy's Groundhog Day

    NEW DELHI - In the movie Groundhog Day, a television weatherman, played by Bill Murray, awakes every morning at 6:00 to relive the same day. A similar sense of

    – by Ashoka Mody

    A New Greek Test for Europe

    PRINCETON - Over the last year, it has been easy to lose sight of the Greek debt crisis. Brimming with official funds, Greece was apparently on the mend.

    – by Ashoka Mody

    A Post-Growth World?

    PRINCETON - In a , Robert Gordon of Northwestern University concludes that the rate of technological progress has slowed sharply, and that the rise in

    – by Ashoka Mody

    A Breach in the Eurozone Dike

    PRINCETON - While all eyes have been on the European periphery, has the core been cracking? The Bundesbank has lowered its forecast for German annual GDP

    – by Ashoka Mody

    The Eurozone's Narrowing Window

    PRINCETON - Portuguese authorities recently made a preemptive offer to their country's creditors: Instead of redeeming bonds maturing in September 2013, the

    – by Ashoka Mody

    • Europe's Deepening Muddle

      PRINCETON - German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble recently declared that the European Union has moved sovereignty to the European level - a startling

      – by Ashoka Mody