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International Affairs at Princeton University

    Weak States, Poor Countries

    PRINCETON - In Scotland, I was brought up to think of policemen as allies and to ask one for help when I needed it. Imagine my surprise when, as a 19-year-old

    – by Angus Deaton

    The Birth of Fiscal Unions

    PRINCETON - Fiscal unification is often an effective way to enhance creditworthiness, and it may also create a new sense of solidarity among diverse peoples

    – by Harold James and Jennifer Siegel

    The Snowden Time Bomb

    PRINCETON - In the aftermath of the global financial crisis, world leaders repeated a soothing mantra. There could be no repeat of the Great Depression, not

    – by Harold James

    Financial Crisis and War

    PRINCETON - The approach of the hundredth anniversary of the outbreak of World War I in 1914 has jolted politicians and commentators worried by the fragility

    – by Harold James

    The Latin Difference

    PRINCETON - It is increasingly popular to think of Europe in binary terms. French President François Hollande is constantly flirting with the idea of building

    – by Harold James

    The New Economy of Fealty

    PRINCETON - Since the 2008 financial crisis, most industrial economies have avoided anything like the collapse that occurred during the Great Depression of the

    – by Harold James

    Margaret Thatcher's Lessons for Europe

    PRINCETON - Margaret Thatcher was much more respected outside Britain than she was in her own country. In the United States, but also in Central Europe, she is

    – by Harold James

    The Dirge of Cyprus

    PRINCETON - Europe can choose its own musical accompaniment to its latest crisis. In Berlin, 50 Cent's All Things Fall Apart has just had its premiere, so that

    – by Harold James

    Why Europe?

    PRINCETON - What is the point of Europe? The threat of an explosive disintegration of the eurozone - and with it of the European Union - is receding. But the

    – by Harold James

    Brexit, Voice, and Loyalty

    PRINCETON - Albert Hirschman, who died at the end of last year, was a great economist with a gift for producing striking insights by focusing on an element of

    – by Harold James

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