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Information Systems

    Scarti del latte in edilizia, polveri tecnologiche dal vino: 13 startup per il futuro

    Tredici startup e un obiettivo preciso: pensare a un futuro sostenibile e migliore per tutti. Le idee innovative sono state selezionate per concorrere, nella categoria 'Startup', al Klimahouse Prize 2021, il premio riservato alla migliore realtà imprenditoriale emergente capace di offrire un prodotto ad alto contenuto innovativo, e che verrà consegnato durante Klimahouse Digital Edition, la versione virtuale della fiera internazionale per l'efficienza energetica e il risanamento in edilizia, ch...

    – Barbara Ganz

    Educating for the Future in the Age of Obsolescence**

    This article, was peer-reviewed and selected as one of the outstanding papers presented at the 2019 IEEE 18th International Conference on Cognitive Informatics & Cognitive Computing (ICCI*CC) 2019 Abstract The anthropological transformation we are undergoing shows the urgency of rethinking teaching and training, underlining the substantial inadequacy of our schools and universities in dealing with hypercomplexity, with the global extension of all political, social and cultural processes, with th...

    – Piero Dominici

    Industry 4.0 - Made In Italy: Single Piece Batch Production And Three Trends In Industrial Computing, Thin Clients And Edge

    "Smart information is beneficial only when the information is visualized in a way to an operator/engineer that enables better decision-making," Kris Dornan, Software and Control marketing manager at Allen Bradley, said at Automation Fair 2020. With information from the factory floor now flowing in multiple forms, three trends in industrial computing reflect this: ? Software/PC combination is gaining importance: ?   Wide variations in software packages require a dose match to hardware selectio...

    – Guiomar Parada

    Rethinking Education? beyond the «False Dichotomies»**: the Hypercomplex Society and the urgency of a systemic approach to complexity (1995)

    People think of education as something they can finish Isaac Asimov Equality is confused with identity, and diversity with inequality. Every Person is genetically different from every other. However, genetic diversity is not an amount to inequality, a social imposed prescription. People can be made equal or inequal by the societies in which they live; they cannot be made genetically identical, even if this were desiderable. Theodosius Dobzhansky Technological innovation is one of the determi...

    – Piero Dominici

    5G Obs - Il valore economico del 5G, i costi dell'alto prezzo delle frequenze, le opportunità per i giovani e un rischio: in 5G Briefing online (vers. inglese)

    Sadiq Malik, an expert in technical and financial solutions for the Indian telco industry host, explains it all below. With co-host Guy Redmill, Managing Director of Redmill Marketing Associates, an international strategic marketing consultancy based in the UK, he is a presenter at Hansecom's 5G Briefing events. The next one will be online on 18 June, Thursday, before the in-person conference in Frankfurt, Germany, 4-5 November. "Unlike all previous generations of mobile network technology, 5G ...

    – Guiomar Parada

    Si può essere sudditi in democrazia?

    Si può essere sudditi in democrazia? La cittadinanza come questione sociale e culturale Le uniche "cose" prevedibili, con riferimento alla vita, all'Umano, ai sistemi sociali (e alla loro iper-complessità), sono proprio?l'imprevedibilità e l'errore. (Dominici, 1998, 2003 e sgg.)    #CitaregliAutori  In questo tempo sospeso e surreale, illusi da quella che chiamo "simulazione della prossimità", abbiamo (forse) più tempo per riflettere, pensare, evadere con la lettura e la creatività /immaginaz...

    – Piero Dominici

    Hypercomplexity and the new risks: between Openness and Total Surveillance. Of Security and Liberty, of Control and Cooperation.

    I'm pleased to be able to share a scientific article with you today that was published a few years ago. The topics discussed in this article are very relevant to these "black swan" weeks (Taleb, 2007). Social and human life is characterized by infinite sequences of "black swans"(Dominici, 2003-2014) - a metaphor which was already used in ancient times. Error, unpredictability, hypercomplexity and systemic dynamism are its constituent elements (Dominici 1995 and other works) These elements have ...

    – Piero Dominici

    An action plan for Italy and Covid-19

    This document presents the structure of an Action Plan and practical immediate measures to manage the current crisis, drawn from the contributions of experts in many different fields. Given the nature and complexity of the issues, this remains an open agenda that requires continued input and expertise from around the world. The active participation of other contributors is therefore warmly welcomed.

    – di Corrado Passera

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