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Independent Commission

    A Chance for Real Change

    For those who think that fraud is an exclusive matter of the financial sector, the case of Volkswagen shows a new perspective: the problem is much more serious and widespread. This is neither a mistake (errare humanum est), nor a guilty omission, but a crime perpetrated intentionally and with the

    – Luigi Zingales

    A Swedish Formula to Revive Finmeccanica

    Few countries are as transparent and as uncorrupt as Sweden. Yet TeliaSonera, a telecommunications company controlled by the Swedish government, was involved

    – Luigi Zingales

    Londra: muri cinesi o spezzatino

    L'ANNUNCIO A SORPRESA - «Le banche commerciali avranno ceo diversi dai responsabili dell'area affari e gestiranno solo i propri rischi, se no interverrà il Tesoro»

    – Leonardo Maisano

    The Great Bank Debate

    OXFORD - , the International Monetary Fund's managing director, recently said of the unfinished agenda for global financial-sector reform: To start, we need

    – by John Vickers

    Growth Requires a Zero Deficit

    A balanced-budget provision is expected to be approved by the end of February, according to recent changes to article 81 of the Constitution. How will the new

    – Guido Tabellini

    A Shortsighted Tax Reform

    Economic competitiveness was the main incentive behind the recent "legge delega" on the fiscal system. The term "legge delega" refers to a law passed by

    – Enrico De Mita

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