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    L'Umano e l'Errore. Che ne è/sarà della libertà nella civiltà ipertecnologica?

    L'Umano, l'Errore, l'Imprevedibilità? Un approccio e percorsi di ricerca dal'95 Come sempre, senza "tempi di lettura". Al termine del contributo, collegamenti ad altri testi (divulgativi e scientifici) e riferimenti bibliografici. Buon lavoro e buona ricerca! Una ipercomplessità che non è un'opzione Una (iper)complessità che non è un'opzione, è un "dato di fatto": il vero problema è che non siamo educati e formati a riconoscerla e, in ogni caso, non con la nostra testa. Di fatto, non da ...

    – Piero Dominici

    The Servers Behind The Cloud - From Basic To Hyperscale: What The Tech Giants And 5G Are Demanding

    Real-time in every technology, artificial intelligence (AI), billions of objects connected, instant search and compute, total security for each and every one of the hundreds of thousands of companies connected at the same time in the cloud: we take it for granted, but behind the extreme functionality of the industries of cloud computing, social media, software platforms and content delivery there are servers, very real physical and powerful machines. For the need for hyperscale data centers, th...

    – Guiomar Parada

    Moncler breaks down creative barriers, not just seasonality

    «The value of collaborations and the energy generated by different experiences with common goals is something I have always greatly believed in. Not just in the creative sphere.» This is what Remo Ruffini had to say about Moncler 's decision to join the Fashion Pact, a commitment to safeguarding

    – di Giulia Crivelli

    Industry 4.0 - Celli's refreshing summer: beer and drinks with IoT, augmented reality and a splash of data

    First part (Italiano qui)- Tapping beer, soda or water: few businesses are so non-technological and traditional. Nonetheless, from Cattolica, on the Italian Adriatic coast, Celli Group won over PepsiCo and Coca Cola, Heineken and Carlsberg and other large beverage companies to their IntelliDraft platform. Celli's evolved from coolers and taps to data analysis, real-time feedback from points of sale and disruptive ideas for a more sustainable future. Over breakfast at LiveWorx in Boston, Paolo C...

    – Guiomar Parada

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