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Healthcare Technologies

    A proposal for the integration of european health care

    The pandemic has highlighted the need for greater cooperation in health care between European countries. In these days there is discussion of a possible synchronized lockdown across the continent, while Brussels is pushing for greater data sharing and for the creation of a common platform of

    – by Marcello Minenna

    An action plan for Italy and Covid-19

    This document presents the structure of an Action Plan and practical immediate measures to manage the current crisis, drawn from the contributions of experts in many different fields. Given the nature and complexity of the issues, this remains an open agenda that requires continued input and expertise from around the world. The active participation of other contributors is therefore warmly welcomed.

    – di Corrado Passera

    Dalla diagnosi alle cure il robot pensa alla salute

    Bastano un dollaro e pochi millisecondi per sapere se nelle immagini di una tua Tac si nasconde il sintomo di una malattia. Sembra una promessa, ma è già realtà grazie agli algoritmi di Zebra Medical Vision, la startup israeliana guidata da Eyal Gura che pochi giorni fa ha stretto un accordo con

    – di Guido Romeo

    In healthcare, innovative policies and regulations are more effective than technological development in delivering benefit to the patient

    The actual invention, development and launch of an innovative product or technology effectively meeting a specific need, is not by itself a sufficient condition for a success, as strict rules, risk adversity and resistance to change are deterrents for the community to gain real benefit from innovation. Barriers to entry are the main reason why many potentially highly innovative solutions remain at prototype level. This fact is even more prevalent if the specific sector is highly regula...

    – Marco Baccanti

    Innovation in Healthcare: big changes are coming...

    I have been asked to  present at the next Chief Innovation Officer Summit in Sydney, about how biomedical and digital health innovation is going to impact on governments, industries and society,  as well as  the evolution of the role of the Chief Innovation Officers (CIOs) in the big life sciences corporations. Great topic, I have plenty of interesting examples in mind, but I am afraid that my message  might not be well received by all the engineers, developers, pharmacologists, chemists in my ...

    – Marco Baccanti

    Al Mipim di Cannes attesi 21.400 operatori; 351 stand rappresenteranno 89 Paesi

    Conto alla rovescia per l'inizio del più importante appuntamento degli operatori del settore immobiliare a livello mondiale. Il 15 marzo il Palais des Festivals di Cannes aprirà le porte ai circa 21.400 visitatori già registrati per l'edizione 2016, che in quattro giorni di meeting, dibattiti,

    – di Evelina Marchesini

    The Useful Relationship With Beijing

    Li Keqiang is paying more than a courtesy visit to Italy, which hosts the Asia-Europe meeting. His arrival strengthens a shopping process led by the state

    – Giuliano Noci

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