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French Alps

    Colmar, the lifestyle revolution winning over women

    We started out as a straightforward sports brand and, even when we decided to launch a less technical and more lifestyle range, we were particularly successful in the men's segment. But over the years our women's range, which we didn't conceive of as a complement to the men's range but rather as

    – di Marta Casadei

    From the French Alps to the summit of K2

    When, sent by Charles VIII of France, Antoine de Ville became the first man to reach the top of the "Mont Inaccessible" in June 1492, Christopher Columbus was still planning the voyage that would see him set foot in the New World. The French king was certainly not au fait with the term yogaruda, he

    – di Chiara Beghelli

    LVMH Acquires Majority Stake in Cova

    In 1848, patriots from the Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia planned the five days that brought to the liberation of Milan from Austrian rule while sitting at the

    – Paola Bottelli