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European Investors

    «Il pagamento è un prodotto di lusso ed è una fortuna per il fintech»

    «Perché esistiamo noi, nuove aziende del fintech? Perché in molti Paesi il pagamento online è ancora considerato un lusso». Marc-Alexander Christ ha il piglio spensierato del tedesco in vacanza. L'azienda che ha fondato insieme a Stefan Jeschonnek nel 2011 ha ricevuto un finanziamento da 330

    – di Luca Tremolada

    The European Rebound Is Not a Bubble

    Some call it "QE fantasy world": the fantastic world of the European Central Bank's (ECB) quantitative easing (QE). Others dream of "QE infinity": endless liquidity injections. In any case, the bazooka of ECB president Mario Draghi has created the perfect conditions for a rally on the stock markets

    – Morya Longo

    The Challenge Is on Long-Distance Routes

    Among the variables concerning the future of the new Alitalia with Etihad Airways license plates, the plan presented by James Hogan indicates two central

    – Gianni Dragoni

    The Renminbi's Grand Tour

    REYKJAVIK - European and Chinese officials have made two notable announcements in recent weeks. On June 18, China's second largest financial institution, China

    – by Barry Eichengreen

    The Miracles of 'Abenomics'

    Foreign investors make the Japanese stock market soar, while Japanese investors lower European bond yields. In these terms, "Abenomics"-the set of economic

    – Stefano Carrer

    Which damages from the Eu rules on hedge funds?

    The European Union is adopting new rules on hedge funds and private equity. Those funds will be required to be based and managed in the Eu, to limit their leverage, and to assure more transparency. On this regulation, there are three issues at the stake. The first one is about liberty: is individual economic freedom impaired by these rules? To answer to this question, we need to wonder whether the founders of a hedge fund or of a private equity fund is forbidden to operate in European Union. The...

    – Riccardo Sorrentino