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    Ogr Tech cresce e accelera sulle Pmi

    Il settore delle ex Officine Grandi Riparazioni di Torino dedicato alla tecnologia può contare su 60 partner e ospita 150 start up all'anno

    – di Filomena Greco

    Edgar Morin: denizen of unpredictable times

    For Edgar Morin, sociologist, philosopher, intellectual?but most of all, mentor and friend, beyond time *The following text is a translation of the chapter written by Piero Dominici for the tribute book on the thought and works of Edgar Morin: "Cento Edgar Morin", edited by Mauro Ceruti (Mimesis Pub.), a collection of 100 articles written by Italian academicians in celebration of Morin's 100th birthday. It is a complicated, nearly impossible endeavor, in so few words, to portray, even to ba...

    – Piero Dominici

    Rethinking Education? beyond the «False Dichotomies»**: the Hypercomplex Society and the urgency of a systemic approach to complexity (1995)

    People think of education as something they can finish Isaac Asimov Equality is confused with identity, and diversity with inequality. Every Person is genetically different from every other. However, genetic diversity is not an amount to inequality, a social imposed prescription. People can be made equal or inequal by the societies in which they live; they cannot be made genetically identical, even if this were desiderable. Theodosius Dobzhansky Technological innovation is one of the determi...

    – Piero Dominici

    Ipo in crisi a Wall Street: Peloton perde al debutto, Endeavor rinuncia

    Tempi duri per i collocamenti azionari a Wall Street. Vuoi per i valori azionari generalmente considerati alti, vuoi per i timori per gli affanni dell'economia aggravati da irrisolte guerre commerciali, vuoi per lo spettro di un impeachment del Presidente le Ipo si scontrano con nuove ondate di scetticismo

    – di Marco Valsania

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