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Economics at Stanford University

    Policy Crimes

    STANFORD - When the Berlin Wall fell a quarter-century ago this November, pundits led by Francis Fukuyama proclaimed - the triumph of democratic capitalism

    – by Michael J. Boskin

    Chile versus Argentina

    BUENOS AIRES/SANTIAGO - Economists often compare similar economies to isolate the impact of a particular difference. This approach provides a compelling

    – by Michael J. Boskin

    The Global Stake in China's Anti-Corruption Reform

    STANFORD - The recent trial of Bo Xilai highlighted the biggest challenge facing contemporary China: the corruption and abuse of power by some government and

    – by Michael J. Boskin

    Transatlantic Trade Goes Global

    STANFORD - Negotiations have now commenced between the United States and the European Union on the , potentially the largest regional free-trade agreement in

    – by Michael J Boskin

    Why Consolidate?

    STANFORD - Around the world, raging debates about whether, when, how, and how much to reduce large budget deficits and high levels of sovereign debt are

    – by Michael J. Boskin

    Taming Leviathan

    STANFORD - A successful society needs effective, affordable government to perform its necessary functions well, and that includes sufficient revenue to fund

    – by Michael Boskin

    The Unloved Dollar Standard

    PALO ALTO - Since World War II's end, the US dollar has been used to invoice most global trade, serving as the intermediary currency for clearing international

    – by Ronald McKinnon

    A New Agenda for China's New Leaders?

    STANFORD - Political leadership transitions typically signal either a change in direction or continuity. But the mere prospect of such a transition usually

    – by Michael J. Boskin

    Threading the Fiscal Needle

    PALO ALTO - Elections often turn on the state of the economy, especially in hard times. When growth and jobs are down, voters throw out incumbents - whether

    – by Michael J. Boskin

    A Referendum on Obama

    STANFORD - Successful political candidates try to implement the proposals on which they ran. In the United States, President Barack Obama and the Democrats,

    – by Michael Boskin

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