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Economics at Harvard University

    Why the Fed Will Go Faster

    CAMBRIDGE - The US Federal Reserve has emphasized that its monetary policy will be determined by what economic indicators show. But it would require some

    – by Martin Feldstein

    Bringing It Back Home

    CAMBRIDGE - An increasing number of American companies are making plans to shift their headquarters to Europe. These so-called inversions would reduce these

    – by Martin Feldstein

    In Search of Convergence

    CAMBRIDGE - One puzzle of the world economy is that for 200 years, the world's rich countries grew faster than poorer countries, a process aptly described by

    – by Ricardo Hausmann

    Fighting the Fed

    CAMBRIDGE - The US Federal Reserve is battling with members of Congress over a proposed law, the , that would require the Fed to use a formal rule to guide

    – by Martin Feldstein

    New Hope for India

    CAMBRIDGE - India's recent general election could be the most important positive economic event of 2014. Indian voters decisively rejected the Congress party,

    – by Martin Feldstein

    America's Move to Faster Growth

    CAMBRIDGE - Last December, that GDP growth in the United States would rise in 2014 from the subpar 2% annual rate of the previous four years to about 3%,

    – by Martin Feldstein

    A Weaker Euro for a Stronger Europe

    CAMBRIDGE - Despite the recent upturn in some of its member countries, the eurozone's economy remains in the doldrums, with the overall rate of likely to be

    – by Martin Feldstein

    A Healthy Path to Chinese Consumption Growth

    CAMBRIDGE - China's economic policymakers want to shift the country's production away from exports and heavy industry, and to increase the share of consumption

    – by Martin Feldstein

    Saving Retirement

    CAMBRIDGE - Public pension programs around the world are in financial trouble. Because of continuing increases in life expectancy, the number of eligible

    – by Martin Feldstein

    The Future of American Growth

    CAMBRIDGE - The near-term outlook for the US economy has improved, owing to the sharp increase in household wealth in 2013, together with the end of the fiscal

    – by Martin Feldstein

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