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Economics at Beijing University

    Urbanizing China

    BEIJING - Measured by the percentage of people living in its cities, China's urbanization rate currently stands at about 48%, according to official statistics.

    – by Fan Gang

    China's Monetary Sterilization

    BEIJING - Not long after the United States Federal Reserve Board announced its second round of quantitative easing (known as QE2), the People's Bank of China

    – by Fan Gang

    China's Great Migration

    BEIJING - China's Henan province has a population of about 100 million - larger than that of most countries. In China's administrative system, a province is at

    – by Fan Gang

    Balancing China's High Savings

    BEIJING - China's national savings rate has been very high in recent years, amounting to 52% of GDP in 2008 (the most recent year for which statistics are

    – by Fan Gang

    • China's War on Inequality

      BEIJING - A major new target in the Five-Year Plan for Economic and Social Development that China just unveiled is to boost the growth rate for household

      – by Fan Gang

      • China's Shrinking Trade Surplus

        BEIJING - Throughout 2010, China was criticized by the United States Congress (and many others) for manipulating its currency in order to maintain an advantage

        – by Fan Gang