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    Italy needs a public debt agency as the Germany's one

    The controversial reform of the European Stability Mechanism has revived the issue of the vulnerability of Italy's sovereign debt to the markets' speculation. This brings us back to the hot autumn of 2011 when investors made big profits by betting against Italian government bonds. Many people claim

    – di Marcello Minenna

    L'Umano e l'Errore. Che ne Ŕ/sarÓ della libertÓ nella civiltÓ ipertecnologica?

    L'Umano, l'Errore, l'ImprevedibilitÓ? Un approccio e percorsi di ricerca dal'95 Come sempre, senza "tempi di lettura". Al termine del contributo, collegamenti ad altri testi (divulgativi e scientifici) e riferimenti bibliografici. Buon lavoro e buona ricerca! Una ipercomplessitÓ che non Ŕ un'opzione Una (iper)complessitÓ che non Ŕ un'opzione, Ŕ un "dato di fatto": il vero problema Ŕ che non siamo educati e formati a riconoscerla e, in ogni caso, non con la nostra testa. Di fatto, non da ...

    – Piero Dominici

    5G Obs - "With 5G, mobile networks become service delivery platforms and these services must be secure"

    (L'italiano qui) Government hackers, data leaks, backdoors, malware, billions of objects connected... About how to protect systems against these threats with a "Security Fabric," I spoke with Fortinet's Ronen Shpirer, EMEA Solutions Marketing Senior Manager, Benjamin David, Director Systems Engineering for Southern Europe and Filippo Monticelli, Regional Director Italy. The 5G infrastructure is being deployed. Some networks are on. I've been told that security is intrinsic to 5G. So, how vulner...

    – Guiomar Parada

    Dalle Ue bando da un milione per le nuove professioni culturali

    La seconda fase del progetto pilota "Finance, Learning, Innovation and Patenting for Cultural and Creative Industries (Flip for CCIs)" per testare politiche e azioni per sviluppare il settore delle industrie culturali e creative esplora il divario tra la formazione, lo sviluppo delle competenze e il mercato del lavoro. Scadenza 12 agosto 2019

    – di Roberta Capozucca

    La complessitÓ della complessitÓ* e... la sua rappresentazione #Arte

    Arte Ŕ complessitÓ? La complessitÓ della complessitÓ* e la sua rappresentazione á Un contributo che sarebbe dovuto uscire qualche mese fa?lo ripropongo oggi, recuperando anche alcuni brani estratti da altre pubblicazioni (divulgative e scientifiche). ?Prendendo spunto dalla notizia ANSA, relativa alla prossima Biennale Arte 2019 dedicata al tema della "complessitÓ", ho pensato di condividere un estratto del saggio Abitare i confini, oltre l'incompletezza. Tra complessitÓ e cultura della comu...

    – Piero Dominici

    Fake News and Post-Truths? The "real" issue is how democracy is faring lately

    In the end, despite our steadfast efforts to avoid treading in the footpaths of trend-issues, systematically fueled and fed by the media and social networks, we have practically been "forced" to speak about them, due to the repeated requests and stimuli we have received. Nevertheless, I will attempt to frame these issues within a more ample discourse, trying, as ever, to highlight correlations and levels of connection, and taking care not to fall into the error of using slogans or trivializing t...

    – Piero Dominici

    Rethinking Education? beyond the źFalse Dichotomies╗*: the Hypercomplex Society and the urgency of a systemic approach to complexity (1995)

    áConcept Map developed byáMassimo Conte, Instructional Designer, with Cmap Tools. Click on the image to zoom it. People think of education as something they can finish Isaac Asimov Equality is confused with identity, and diversity with inequality. Every Person is genetically different from every other. However, genetic diversity is not an amount to inequality, a social imposed prescription. People can be made equal or inequal by the societies in which they live; they cannot be made genet...

    – Piero Dominici

    Why Is a Modern Cosntitutional Court Indispensable

    In order to correctly place Judgment 70/2015 by the Constitutional Court (Italy's equivalent of the US Supreme Court) on the moratorium of pensions reevaluation, within the proper jurisprudence framework, we should move from a few general considerations, on which Constitutional law expert Sabino

    – Enrico De Mita

    Political Delays (and Fights)

    In the current battle over infrastructure work, two issues that exist are the prosecutor investigations and the delicate position of the infrastructure and transportation minister, Maurizio Lupi (who is not under investigation but needs to dispel any possible doubts about the alleged favors and

    – Giorgio Santilli

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