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Citizens for the Republic

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    Interdipendenza vs. frammentazione: la civiltÓ ipertecnologica, l'inclusione e le insidie di una partecipazione "simulata"

    Il cambiamento sociale e culturale: "prodotto" complesso di processi e meccanismi dal basso #CitaregliAutori Partiamo nella nostra analisi da una definizione e alcuni presupposti: "La societa? interconnessa e? una societa? ipercomplessa (2003), in cui il trattamento e l'elaborazione delle informazioni e della conoscenza sono ormai divenute le risorse principali; un tipo di societa? in cui alla crescita esponenziale delle opportunita? di connessione e di trasmissione delle informazioni, che...

    – Piero Dominici

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    The Obligation to Do, the Power of Truth

    There's only one thing that everyone is talking about that must be cleared off the table before the rumors become a reality. And should it become a reality, it

    – Roberto Napoletano

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    Fragile Europe in a Blind Alley

    Last Sunday in Catalonia, the pro-independence party obtained the majority in the regional parliament and almost won the majority of the popular vote. This is a historic shift: it could have an impact on the results of the Spanish legislative vote in December, as well as on the future institutional

    – Adriana Cerretelli

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    The Schengen Sacrifice and the EU's Own Goal

    September 14, 2015 was expected to mark the beginning of a new course, that of a European policy open to refugees-who, in growing numbers, are arriving on its coasts and borders from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Eritrea. It was due to celebrate the triumph of change coming from Angela Merkel, the

    – Adriana Cerretelli

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    Please Don't Mark Them on the Arm!

    After years of accusations the European Union and its member states of avoiding the question of refugees and migrants, the current refugee crisis is highlighting the fact that inaction could threaten the entire European project itself. Yet, the ways in which some countries are now reacting to this

    – Vittorio Emanuele Parsi

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    Why Should Europe Deal with Merkel

    The latest polls assign German Chancellor Angela Merkel's party, áthe Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU-CSU), the absolute majority of parliamentary seats. This has not happened since 2005, when the hard reforms by then Chancellor Gerhard Schr÷derácost the Social Democrats (SPD) so dearly

    – Carlo Bastasin

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    There Is No Europe Without Growth and Investments

    The two recent bailouts, for Greece and for the euro zone, are positive but partial. Now, the problem is to reach durable solutions to both restructure Greece (and not just its debt) and to give Europe economic policy instruments to pursue the sustainable development and employment goals that we

    – Alberto Quadrio Curzio

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    What Lays Behind the Institutional Conflict

    Who knows what Interior Minister (head of all prefects) Roberto Maroni would have said to the Lombardy region president, Roberto Maroni, as he so energetically urges all prefects not to welcome any more immigrants?

    – Alberto Orioli

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    The Long Road to a Majority System

    The electoral system approved by the House yesterday wasn't born by chance. Italy has been moving towards a majoritarian system and away from a proportional system since 1993.

    – Roberto D'Alimonte

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    Lupi's Mistakes, Among Too Many Laws, and Works to Be Done

    The Minister and the ministry's bureaucrats, the laws, the (public) works. The "Incalza" case uncovered by the Florence judges does not, in a way, make the news-in the sense that Italians are unfortunately used to the emerging of facts and misfits that happened in the meanders of the State's

    – Guido Gentili

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