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Board Members

    Così il digitale cambierà i ruoli all'interno delle organizzazioni

    Cambio di passo su innovazione e competenze, maggiore senso di realizzazione degli addetti aziendali, opzioni di lavoro più flessibili, utilizzo di modelli Hr aggiornati con piattaforme dedicate alla gestione del talento, pervasiva presenza di strumenti digitali: sono le cinque tendenze,

    – di Gianni Rusconi

    The List Vote System Is Not Enough for Big Public Companies

    In this season of shareholder meetings, institutional investors have shown again that they are the majority in big Italian companies without strong controlling shareholders. The latest case is of UniCredit, where the list of 17 candidates presented by historic shareholders, including Allianz,

    – Luca Enriques and Luis Zingales

    The People's Corporations

    LONDON - Two big power shifts are occurring around the world today. First, corporate power is growing relative to that of governments. Second, ordinary people

    – by Lucy P. Marcus

    Humans and artificial intelligence, in the board of directors

    It was a matter of time. The artificial intelligence now sits on a board of directors. As reported on Betabeat.com, the Hong Kong-based venture capital firm Deep Knowledge Ventures has just appointed an algorithm to its board of directors. The program, called VITAL and developed by UK-based Aging Analytics, will help board members about investments decisions: Deep Knowledge Ventures focuses on companies specializing in biotechnology, regenerative medicine, oncology, drug discovery, bioinformat...

    – Gabriele Caramellino

    Japan's bumpy road to a recovery

    Japan's effort to get its economy moving entered difficult terrain last week. Bond yields rose and stock prices fell. Some promptly declared "Abenomics" - the

    – by Martin Wolf

    Qualcuno l'aveva fatto presente a Kuroda (BOJ)

    According to the minutes of the April 26 policy meeting, released on Monday, a "few" board members said the BoJ's original stance "might initially have been perceived by market participants as contradictory", causing "fluctuations in financial markets". via www.ft.com

    – Daniele Bellasio

    Boards on Their Backs

    WASHINGTON, DC - The recent governance controversy at JPMorgan Chase has masked a much larger issue. Regardless of Jamie Dimon's victory in retaining his dual

    – by Simon Johnson

    Judgment Day for the Eurozone

    MUNICH - Europe and the world are eagerly awaiting the decision of Germany's Constitutional Court on September 12 regarding the European Stability Mechanism

    – by Hans-Werner Sinn

    Europe's Summer Reading List

    BERKELEY - In August, Europeans head for the beach. The continent shuts down on the assumption that nothing of consequence will happen until everyone returns,

    – by Barry Eichengreen

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