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    Hypercomplexity and the new risks: between Openness and Total Surveillance. Of Security and Liberty, of Control and Cooperation.

    Between the forces of interdependence and fragmentation. Between inclusion and exclusion, within asymmetries running along discontinuous trajectories. ... Between neo-positivism and techno-enlightenment, we are living in the age of the triumph of technologies, in which the subject appears to have succeeded in dominating nature, controlling the ecosystem and organizing his surroundings according to his own laws and based on their utility.

    – Piero Dominici

    Dematerialized coins to support consumption and shops

    According to the latest data from the Bank of Italy, the value of the net issuance of coins in Italy exceeds ?4.6 billion. Out of these, ?1.4 billion are coins of modest face value that, in part, lie unused in Italians' piggy banks. The remaining ?3.2 billion coins represent, together with

    – by Marcello Minenna

    Birol: «Right to convene G20 on oil, a collapse of the sector would hurt us all»

    Having oil producers and consumers sitting at the same table to avoid the collapse of the sector «in everyone's interest». This is the goal of the G20 Energy emergency meeting that has been convened for Friday, the day after the OPEC summit. The head of the International Energy Agency (IEA), Fatih

    – di Sissi Bellomo

    An action plan for Italy and Covid-19

    This document presents the structure of an Action Plan and practical immediate measures to manage the current crisis, drawn from the contributions of experts in many different fields. Given the nature and complexity of the issues, this remains an open agenda that requires continued input and expertise from around the world. The active participation of other contributors is therefore warmly welcomed.

    – di Corrado Passera

    The merger between Rubicon Project and Telaria: a glimpse into the future of advertising

    News for those working in the advertising industry. The Rubicon Project, a Los Angeles-based global exchange for advertising, and Telaria, a New York-based complete software platform that optimizes yield for leading video publishers, announced the closing of their merger, creating the world's largest independent sell-side advertising platform, poised to capture growth in CTV. The combined company will launch with a new name in the coming months: Michael Barrett will be Chief Executive Officer...

    – Gabriele Caramellino

    Una addizionale Iva europea per sostenere il corona bond

    Post di Carlo Alberto Carnevale Maffè, docente presso SDA Bocconi School of Management, Gianluca Codagnone, direttore generale della brokerage house Fidentiis Equities e Thomas Manfredi, statistico Ocse - Il dibattito economico europeo attuale sembra totalmente incastrato su una questione finanziaria di mutualizzazione dei debiti comuni, di fronte a uno shock simmetrico come quello rappresentato dai danni economici della attuale ondata pandemica del Covid19. In questa discussione, essenzialmen...

    – Econopoly

    Schizzi del passato di Ginia

    L'autobiografico «Momenti di essere» pubblicato in versione integrale e la coinvolgente storia romanzata della scrittrice proposta da Emanuelle Favier

    – di Renzo S. Crivelli

    IDFA mette a disposizione più di 300 documentari gratis: #iorestoacasa

    Ricevo e faccio circolare... IDFA mette a disposizione più di 300 documentari gratis (qui)... International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), the world's largest documentary film gathering, decided to make over 300 films from its prestigious collection available online. This is a godsend for both professionals and film enthusiasts who are being forced to stay home and limit their social interaction during the outbreak of the notorious COVID-19. In total, IDFA's selection offers 302 ...

    – Simone Arcagni

    Taiwan e il tiro alla fune high-tech tra Cina e Stati Uniti

    "Decoupling" è il termine utilizzato da Rana Foroohar, curatrice della rubrica sul commercio globale del Financial Times, per descrivere il 2019. Significa 'separazione', e descrive il processo di sdoppiamento del sistema economico mondiale previsto per gli anni a venire. Mentre gli ultimi decenni sono stati caratterizzati dalla globalizzazione e da un aumento dell'integrazione tra le economie avanzate, le prospettive future sembrano riservare uno scenario completamente diverso. La guerra dei da...

    – Orizzonti Politici

    5G Observatory - The Networks Advanced Industrial Productions Need: The CEO Of Nokia Italia, Massimo Mazzocchini's Take

    Nokia has been very active as of late in gradually implementing and further developing the most advanced network technologies. An example is last week's announcement of network slicing functions for existing 4G LTE networks in combination with 5G networks. Network slicing is the possibility to segregate segments of a wireless band for very different uses cases, which was considered a feature of just 5G networks. Austrian operator A1 and Finnish operator Telia plan to implement the solution by mi...

    – Guiomar Parada

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