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    Reda: research and innovation for the fabrics of the future

    «Nowadays, with the broad choice of products out there and the possibility of buying items how and when we want, it is essential to offer something different, particularly when it comes to luxury products». Ercole Botto Poala is ceo of the Reda Group, a Biella-based wool mill founded in 1865 by

    – di Marta Casadei

    Luisa Spagnoli, inspired by the desert and travel

    «The collection presented on 20 September is inspired by the desert world and Moroccan influences, reinterpreted with a chic and contemporary feel. 'It is designed for a woman that loves to travel these places, where there are as many different styles as there are women who can relate to our

    – di Chiara Beghelli

    Chanel puts its faith & future in the master's trusted disciple

    The death of Karl Lagerfeld almost seven months ago has left many people - and a cat, his beloved Choupette - feeling orphaned. The German designer died on 19 February in Paris: although he'd been known to be unwell for some time the news of his passing was still an unpleasant surprise, a shock

    – di Giulia Crivelli

    Brand extension the goal for Tagliatore

    A sartorial tradition shaped by the passion and know-how of his grandparents, and later his father, who started out producing shoes before expanding into apparel. One that has been honoured since 1940 in Martina Franca, Puglia. This is the story of Tagliatore, the clothing brand launched twenty

    – di Marika Gervasio

    Innovative SMEs take the spotlight

    «We are passionate about new brands and we try to bring an up-to-date selection to Milan because we believe that to be the right response to a market where consumers are bored and are crying out for products with a story, products which excite them». It is almost twenty years since Massimiliano

    – di Marta Casadei

    Delfini, corvi e piccioni: gli animali addestrati nella Guerra Fredda

    Cani, gatti, delfini, uccelli: sono gli animali che la Cia tentò di addestrae durante la guerra fredda per spiare l'Urss. Lo rivela la Bbc in un reportage da Langley, Virginia, sede della Cia, dopo che sono stati declassificati alcuni file, anche se rimane top secret quante missioni furono portate a termine con successo. Ha dedicato un servizio alla notizia anche il Tg1. I più efficaci si rivelarono i piccioni viaggiatori, capaci di volare su obiettivi sensibili, fotografarli e tornare alla base...

    – Guido Minciotti

    5G Obs - "With 5G, mobile networks become service delivery platforms and these services must be secure"

    (L'italiano qui) Government hackers, data leaks, backdoors, malware, billions of objects connected... About how to protect systems against these threats with a "Security Fabric," I spoke with Fortinet's Ronen Shpirer, EMEA Solutions Marketing Senior Manager, Benjamin David, Director Systems Engineering for Southern Europe and Filippo Monticelli, Regional Director Italy. The 5G infrastructure is being deployed. Some networks are on. I've been told that security is intrinsic to 5G. So, how vulner...

    – Guiomar Parada

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