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Banking Markets

    It's Time for the EU Guarantee Fund

    A serious discussion about the bail-in rules would certainly be useful to make the European banking union more effective and less unstable. It's necessary to clarify the legal framework, with an identification ex-ante of the securities subject to bail-in. And the conditions of systemic risk that

    – Giorgio Barba Navaretti

    The Risk of Low Growth

    Is there or is there not an Italian case in the storm that's rocking financing and banking markets in a world that's hit interest rates of zero and that seems

    – Guido Genitli

    The ESM Time Has Come

    Is there anybody yet who wants to separate the risk of default on sovereign bonds from the exit of Greece from the euro zone? If the answer is yes, it all depends on the Gordian knot represented by the Greek banks: if the default on sovereign bonds doesn't cause systemic risks, the system of

    – Donato Masciandaro

    Top executive italiani / Alberto Cribiore

    Alberto Cribiore, vicechairman dell'Institutional Clients Group di Citigroup. E' la divisione che serve grandi corporation, istitutizioni finanziarie e

    Confidence on reforms and on the ECB is back

    As yesterday's auction of our public securities proves markets once again express confidence in Europe. A decisive help maybe indirectly came from the Fed's

    – by Donato Masciandaro

    A wake up call for Europe

    The coordinated intervention by the major western central banks, aimed at improving liquidity management can be, from at least three points of view, an

    – di Donato Masciandaro

    The Eu 2020 strategy, a new "pick the winner" policy?

    The Eu 2020 strategy, the new agenda for growth and competitiveness in European Union, envisages, as a "flagship initiative", "an industrial policy for the globalisation era". The goal is "to improve the business environment, notably for SMEs (i.e. small and medium enterprises), and to support the development of a strong and sustainable industrial base able to compete globally". It is not clear how Commission will "promote the restructuring of sectors in difficulty towards future oriented activi...

    – Riccardo Sorrentino