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    Another Nobel Surprise for Economics

    Richard Thaler has shown in his research how to focus economic inquiry more decisively on real and important problems. His research program has been both compassionate and grounded, and he has established a research trajectory for young scholars and social engineers that marks the beginning of a

    – by Robert j. Shiller

    A Backwards War

    It is a backwards oil war: the more the Middle East conflict becomes destructive and complex, the more the price of oil falls. There was a time when even a hint of war was enough to raise prices and fill the coffers of the producing countries. But today's paradox is superficial. Today, the weapon

    – Alberto Negri

    Mogherini: "EU Integration Depends on Migrants"

    There was a time when the high representative for foreign policy and security exclusively took care of international diplomacy. This is no longer so for Federica Mogherini.

    – Beda Romano

    That vicious circle of 765 resultless maneuvers

    How much are we allowed to know about the outcomes and the effects of the 765 measures of higher or lower revenues introduced by public finance provisions passed between 2008 and 2014, moving over 250 billion euros in resources until 2015?

    – Guido Gentili

    Rewarding the Whistleblowers

    The government's commitment to actively do something against corruption is a positive thing. Corruption is a cancer that, when not eradicated, tends to spread. Not very many people morally justify corruption, and yet many accept it because the cost of not being corrupted increases with the number

    – Luigi Zingales

    Bill de Blasio's old world New York

    In 2010, Bill de Blasio took his wife and children on an excursion from Naples to the medieval hill town Sant'Agata de' Goti. Like many Italian Americans with

    – di Jason Horowitz

    When Friends and Foes Get Mixed Up

    Matteo Renzi plays his matches on speed, throwing his adversaries-and sometimes his friends-off balance, adopting the motto by the great Florentine prince of

    – Barbara Fiammeri

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