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    Iata: per le compagnie aeree il 2017 č ancora d'oro con 30 miliardi di profitti netti, tre anni da record

    Assai positive le stime di Iata (l'associazione mondiale del trasporto aereo) sul 2017: 29,8 miliardi di dollari di profitti netti a fronte di un fatturato globale stimato di 736 miliardi. I livello del rendimento netto si attesterą - secondo le stime Iata - a quota 4,1% del giro d'affari. Per il terzo anno - e si tratta della prima volta in assoluto - il ritorno sul capitale investito sarą superiore al costo del capitale stesso. Per il 2016 Iata ha rivisto in leggero ribasso le stime sul livell...

    – Vincenzo Chierchia

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    The Renzi Method Litmus Test

    Is it more convenient to sit in the second row, behind Germany and France, or to stand up and strongly state a 'no' like a newly veto-empowered player and denounce the paralysis of a withered and double-standard Europe? You can say all you want, except that the game that Prime Minister Matteo Renzi

    – Guido Gentili

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    Between Banks and Debts, a Vulnerable Italy

    Europe's indecision on bad banks seems almost over. After nearly a year, Italy's agreement with Brussels is almost concluded. Too bad that in the meantime the

    – Adriana Cerretelli

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    Investing in Innovation Creates Confidence

    In its fall evaluation, the EU Commission has given Italy a good grade, affirming that 2015 saw the end of a negative trend that's been ongoing since 2008. We're pleased, but we understand the caution of some observers who have grown skeptical after too many Italian governments left promises

    – Alberto Quadrio Curzio

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    A Picture Out of Focus

    In one month, there were 35,000 fewer unemployed, 36,000 fewer employed and 53,000 more discouraged workers. In one year, 192,000 more employed, 264,000 fewer unemployed, 39,000 fewer discouraged. The long term scenario indicates an improvement, while in the short term shows the opposite.

    – Alberto Orioli

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    The Rescue Merkel Needs

    For the first time in 10 years, German Chancellor Angela Merkel seems to have run out of physical and mental resources. She is struggling in Germany-where her courageous initiative in favor of Syrian immigrants has raised strong political resistance-and she is struggling in Europe.

    – Carlo Bastasin

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    A European Damage Count of the German Fall

    Europe has always been full of bad students, as well as of multiple (ignored) calls to order and discipline. However, nobody expected the good teacher itself-the one that usually makes these calls-to end up in the 'bad' list.

    – Adriana Cerretelli

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    Donald Trump: "I Adore Berlusconi and Italy"

    Donald Trump loves Silvio Berlusconi. I met the unlikely front runner for the Republican nomination on Tuesday evening at the US Open in Flushing Meadows, New York, and for the first time he opened up about something that, according to many, should be embarrassing. But, as is his custom, he went on

    – Mario Platero

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    Berlin's Lost Opportunity

    Are we sure what we have been talking about for months is really the Greek crisis. What if it were the German crisis? For those who remain convinced that our future is, more than ever, linked to the dream of a genuinely united Europe, that is the true question that should be highlighted: Berlin's

    – Carlo De Benedetti

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    Draghi's Bazooka Hits the Target

    The rebounding of interest rates on European public titles, starting with the German bonds, is anything but bad news. Firstly, because it is the consequence of good news emerging from the macroeconomic outlook: both real growth and inflation have abandoned last year's red-alarm levels.

    – Marco Onado

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