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If Italy Finds, Again, Its Locomotive

05/05/2015 05:57

I live in Milan on Via Vincenzo Monti, few steps away from Corso Magenta, at the corner of Via Carducci: the same streets that turned to hell on earth last


Il messaggio dei corrispondenti esteri in Giappone: «I giornalisti non rappresentano i loro governi»

01/02/2015 10:24

TOKYO - Il Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan ha emesso un comunicato di ferma condanna dell'uccisione dei due ostaggi giapponesi. Nel messaggio si chiede


Adriano gelato: il Le Havre non lo compra più

01/02/2015 10:03

Il brasiliano, che non gioca dallo scorso aprile quando con la maglia dell'Atletico Paranaense segnò un gol ai boliviani del The Strongest in Coppa Libertadores salvo poi saltare i due allenamenti successivi e vedersi rescindere il contratto, aveva raggiunto nelle scorse settimane un accordo con il Le Havre.


We're Going to Get Ours

03/01/2015 04:59

The new year has started with the euro at the lowest level its ever been in the last decade and interest rates at historic lows: it's a sign that the markets


Malala's Revolutions

11/12/2014 06:52

The 17 years old activist Malala Yousafzai was the youngest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, awarded last December 9 in Oslo, for advocating female education in Pakistan in spite of the threats by the Taliban, who shot her in the head on the school bus in 2012. The story attracted the world's...


Clinton's Lesson

10/10/2014 05:58

The fight over the abolition of Article 18 of the Constitution presents strong analogies with a story that happened in the US in the first half of the 1990s.


Berlin Wins In the EU Too.

02/10/2014 05:57

"At this point, all is left to do for Merkel is to personally settle in the community's institutions," says ironically a high-level European dignitary,


Putin: In the West It's the Law of Brute Force

06/09/2014 05:59

Outlawed from major international meetings, Vladimir Putin reigns omnipresent and implacable outside official summits, including NATO, and he ties them up in


The Coming CLASS War

14/08/2014 03:33

HONG KONG - The eighteenth-century German military strategist Carl von Clausewitz as the continuation of politics by different means, and, like the ancient


The Craziness of Fake Sick Days

08/08/2014 05:57

"Wild luggage" (sudden mishandling of luggage) was not enough. Now, like in other sad times, it looks as if some of Alitalia's employees will not show up for

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