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Tax avoidance

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    Il beneficiario effettivo tra abuso e libertà fondamentali

    Il 10 ottobre si è tenuta l'udienza della "Grande Chambre" della Corte di Giustizia relativamente alle sei cause danesi in tema di beneficiario effettivo (si veda il Sole 24 Ore del 5 ottobre scorso). All'udienza hanno partecipato, oltre al governo danese, alle parti private ed all'Avvocato

    – di Claudio Valz e Dario Sencar

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    Economic Shadows and Light

    ANKARA - If it is true that we live in a "global village," bound to one another through commercial, financial, and social ties, then it is also true that

    – by Mehmet Simsek

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    The First Step to a Fairer System

    The government is confidently awaiting the so-called delega fiscale (a mandate by which the government is entrusted to write up tax reform), which was finally

    – Enrico De Mita

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    Rethinking International Institutions

    OXFORD - When the United Nations and the Bretton Woods institutions were established nearly seven decades ago in the aftermath of World War II, economic and

    – by Pascal Lamy and Ian Goldin

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    Taksim and the Left

    ISTANBUL - The small park in Taksim Square in the sprawling metropolis of Istanbul is one of the few green spaces left in the city center. On May 28, a handful

    – by Kemal Derviº

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    A Global Anti-Tax Avoidance Deal

    In 1984, in a famous Apple commercial directed by Ridley Scott, the launch of the first Macintosh personal computer was presented as an extraordinary

    – Vittorio Emanuele Parsi

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    Smart Taxation

    ROME - An effective tax policy that ensures adequate domestic revenue is a crucial determinant of a country's ability to pursue development policies. But tax

    – by Jomo Kwame Sundaram

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    India's Second Wind

    NEW DELHI - The Indian economy is coming back. After several years of disappointing performance, the authorities are shifting to policies aimed at boosting the

    – by Martin Feldstein

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