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    Iata: per le compagnie aeree il 2017 č ancora d'oro con 30 miliardi di profitti netti, tre anni da record

    Assai positive le stime di Iata (l'associazione mondiale del trasporto aereo) sul 2017: 29,8 miliardi di dollari di profitti netti a fronte di un fatturato globale stimato di 736 miliardi. I livello del rendimento netto si attesterą - secondo le stime Iata - a quota 4,1% del giro d'affari. Per il terzo anno - e si tratta della prima volta in assoluto - il ritorno sul capitale investito sarą superiore al costo del capitale stesso. Per il 2016 Iata ha rivisto in leggero ribasso le stime sul livell...

    – Vincenzo Chierchia

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    The Reasons for Law

    The ruling of a Palermo court over the case of former Minister Calogero Mannino represents a good and bad day for the Italian judicial system.

    – Paolo Pombeni

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    The Market's Bitter Awakeining

    Nothing more than a great stock market collapse has the ability to scare the world's public opinion, savers and policymakers alike. This is not because the stock market represents the health (or the problems) index of an economic and financial system: in fact, in the past, on many an occasion the

    – Alessandro Plateroti

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    The Risks of a Soft Strategy

    The situation in the Ukraine is becoming more and more dramatic and risks spiraling out of control. On the field, the regular Ukrainian forces are apparently unloading their frustration for not being able to win against the rebels by randomly hurting civil populations in the self-proclaimed

    – Vittorio Emanuele Parsi

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    When Berlin Asked Paris for Help

    Like Guido Montefeltro, who asked for preemptive absolution from "that guilt into which I now must fall" (referring to fraudulent counsel, Inferno, 27), Otmar

    – Gianni Toniolo

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    The Tree of Recovery

    There's a subtle sickness that risks corroding the foundation of an ailing society and a depressed economy like Italy's. This disease, called contagious fear,

    – Roberto Napoletano

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    Should Scotland Leave the Pound Zone?

    PRINCETON - As Scotland prepares for this month's , the United Kingdom - indeed, all of Europe - must brace itself for the impact of a successful bid. Scottish

    – by Harold James

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    That Useless Euro-British Clash

    Jean Claude Juncker versus David Cameron: the match will end up 1 - 0 at next week's European summit-or at least all signs point that way. If so, for the first

    – Adriana Cerretelli

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