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    • NovaCento

    Fake News and Post-Truths? The "real" issue is how democracy is faring lately

    In the end, despite our steadfast efforts to avoid treading in the footpaths of trend-issues, systematically fueled and fed by the media and social networks, we have practically been "forced" to speak about them, due to the repeated requests and stimuli we have received. Nevertheless, I will attempt to frame these issues within a more ample discourse, trying, as ever, to highlight correlations and levels of connection, and taking care not to fall into the error of using slogans or trivializing t...

    – Piero Dominici

    • Agora

    L'Ecuador punta su Open Skies per sviluppare il turismo terza industria del Paese

    L'Ecuador punta su Open Skies per lo sviluppo del turismo terza industria nazionale. Di seguito la nota del Governo. The Presidential decree called "Open Skies" (Cielos Abiertos), implemented by Lenin Moreno,President of the Republic of Ecuador, the Government  seeks to promote Latin-American integration and foster strategic insertion of the country within international context. 1. The Ministry of Transport (Ministerio de Transportes y ObrasPúblicas),the Ministry of Foreign Affaris (Ministerio ...

    – Vincenzo Chierchia

    • NovaCento

    #Communication and Social Production of Knowledge. A 'new contract' for the 'society of individuals'*(1)

    Concept Map developed by Massimo Conte, Instructional Designer, with Cmap Tools. Click on the picture above to zoom it. Interactive concepts network of article: http://onodo.org/visualizations/17020/ Technological innovation is one of the determining variables of the evolution of social systems and organizations, but it is not sufficient in and of itself. Once more, what is needed is culture, shared knowledge and education to allow systems to metabolize change and to efficiently manage ...

    – Piero Dominici

    • NovaCento

    Risk-based approach under the GDPR. Can a "strong harm-based approach" apply to bio-banking?

    1. Bio-Banking vs Interventional research. The need for a scalable and proportionate approach to compliance. Most of the bio-ethics studies regarding data protection rules in the field of research have often captured the view of patients and research participants, while focusing less on the perspective of researchers. Capturing the view of researchers toward data protection regulation is one of the greatest merit of the debate preceeding the GDPR adoption. The Scientific Community had the chanc...

    – Maria Luisa Manis

    • News24

    Il discorso integrale di Theresa May a Firenze (in inglese)

    It's good to be here in this great city of Florence today at a critical time in the evolution of the relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union. It was here, more than anywhere else, that the Renaissance began - a period of history that inspired centuries of creativity and

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