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The Shift Produced by the Iran Agreement

25/07/2015 05:59

The involvement of Turkey-probably triggered by the Vienna agreement on Iran's nuclear power-represents a turning point in the already one-year long war


The Hara-kiri of an Italy That Does Not Want to Grow

25/07/2015 05:58

After weeks of alarmingly looking to the possible contagion that could derive from the outside, from Greece, yesterday recalled us to the harsh reality of a


The Risk of Chinese Contagion

25/07/2015 05:57

Much has been written about the selloff on the Shanghai stock exchange. Less has been written about the slowdown of the Chinese locomotive. An eventual


The Default Risk that Europe Does Not Want to See

24/07/2015 05:59

On the famous night of the EU meeting, July 13, a source who was there said that the EU finally agreed on a German solution for an exit of Greece from the euro


The FCA's Next Move

24/07/2015 05:58

"Without the consensus and the approval of the labor unions, there will be no merger between Chrysler and a competitor's group. No matter what happens, I will


The American Lesson Against the Domino Effect

23/07/2015 05:59

The Greek 'odyssey' is the latest proof that the solution to the debt crises of the euro zone's member countries cannot be left to negotiations between heads


I doveri verso Gerusalemme

22/07/2015 07:35

E' sempre difficile trovare frasi lontane dalla retorica quando un capo di governo europeo va in visita in Israele.Troppi valori, troppa storia, troppi sensi di


A Randomly Organized Europe Will Not Save Europe

22/07/2015 05:59

The day after avoiding Greece's exit, the governments of Germany, France and Italy have learned three very different lessons from this incident: Berlin kept


The Rule of Debt

22/07/2015 05:58

Going beyond the flexibility already obtained from Brussels on the budget planning in order to cut taxes by over 4 billion euros next year (TASI, farming and


Geopolitics and National Interests

22/07/2015 05:57

The government cannot stay idle. What is good for the Marche region is good for the country. And vice versa. What is hurting the Marche (today) can seriously

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