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On Labor: Electoral Compromise (With Mistakes)

23/04/2014 05:59

There's a cultural error (among other types of errors) in the compromise on the labor decree passed by the House: the idea that sanctions create jobs. And it's


The Market's Confidence in Businesses and the ECB

23/04/2014 05:58

After six years of recession, five years of financial crisis, an inconclusive political election, and four administrations in four years (and the more


Stopping the "Super-Euro" to Restart the Euro Zone.

22/04/2014 05:59

"German products are not sold; they are bought. That is why they are largely inflexible vis-à-vis exchange rates," reminded not too long ago a great European


A Tough Match with the EU Looms if Budget Gaps Aren't Covered

22/04/2014 05:58

Here's the first lesson-the postponement to 2016 of a balanced budget. Then, the test, of the details of the National Reform Program and how to cover the hole


Big Data for Poor Students

18/04/2014 10:24

WASHINGTON, DC - Countries need skilled and talented people to generate the innovations that underpin long-term economic growth. This is as true in developed


Big Data Per Studenti Poveri

18/04/2014 10:24

WASHINGTON, DC - I paesi hanno bisogno di persone qualificate e di talento per generare le innovazioni che sono alla base della crescita economica a lungo


Putin's Certainties and Europe's Doubts

18/04/2014 05:59

The Zenith was reached when Edward Snowden, the American agent escaped to Moscow, asked if even in Russia the entire society was controlled by the secret


How Italy Can Play the Match of Growth

17/04/2014 05:59

In a little less than two months begins the six-month Italian presidency period of the European Union (EU). It is an event the government can interpret in


An Unusual Public Company

17/04/2014 05:58

The new course of Telecom Italia begins under the star of a public company, with the market, also supported by minority investor Findim (which surprisingly


An Advocacy of Dunces

16/04/2014 05:54

CONCORD, MASSACHUSETTS - Imagine that a group of advocates tried to alert the public to a danger that they perceived, only the evidence showed that the danger

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