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The Civil Ethics of Social Liberalism

29/05/2015 05:59

The president of Confindustria, Giorgio Squinzi, gave his address at the annual meeting of the industry association in the extraordinary global scenario


If the ECB Is Not Enough

29/05/2015 05:58

Between a staggering integration and growing selfishness, Europe has, for far too long, lived through a phase of deep disorientation in which it risks losing


The 'Dirty Agreement' and the Uncertainty Risk

28/05/2015 05:59

The Greek government tried, yesterday, to stop the spiral of pessimism by giving the impression that it was close to an agreement with creditors. The latter,


First Defaults Hit China

28/05/2015 05:58

"When even the banana peddler starts buying up stocks, it means that the end is near." A few weeks ago in China, this tweet was all the rage, together with a


The Context that Slows Italian Companies

27/05/2015 05:59

The transformation of the productive system in Italy is slowed by "the context of economic activity." The strong message, according to Bank of Italy Governor


The Italian Lessons on Banking Supervision

27/05/2015 05:58

The final considerations of the Bank of Italy are a good opportunity for sending a message to Frankfurt: the new European supervision can still learn much from


Dear Europe, Schematics Are Not Useful for Growth

27/05/2015 05:57

Perhaps because the change in pace and methods are evident, or perhaps because, within the framework of the new monetary policy decided by the European Central


Italy Is Vulnerable on Debt and GDP

26/05/2015 05:58

Italy grows slowly and poorly-under the European average, in any case, for too long-and has the second worst debt to GDP ratio in the euro zone after Greece.


State-Participated Companies and the Cuts that Must Be Made

23/05/2015 05:59

Companies in which local agencies and local government services must be rationalized in order to contribute to the Italian economy's recovery. This is one of


The Treasury's Narrow Road

23/05/2015 05:58

The rejection by the European Union of the request to extend the mechanism of reverse charge to large retailers was expected. But now, after the surprising

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