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The New Challenge for London: Yes or No to Europe

20/09/2014 05:59

"Why run a useless risk?" It may be a weak thought-philosophically speaking-and maybe infected by a relativistic perception of existence; yet, this concept


The Scottish Syndrome

20/09/2014 05:58

Danger averted. There will be no breaking up of the United Kingdom. So the "school of Edinburgh," for now, won't find converts nor spark the feared


Liquidity Alone Is Not Enough

19/09/2014 05:59

There are limits to what monetary policy can do, beyond which it should be up to governments to act and support directly the economy and demand.


Credit Restarts When There Is Growth

19/09/2014 05:58

The first bazooka shot against the crisis was a miss: the European Central Bank (ECB) auction of subsidized loans aimed at re-activating the credit supply in


In Praise of China's New Normal

18/09/2014 03:48

BEIJING - China's economy is, at long last, undergoing a rebalancing, with having declined from more than 10% before 2008 to roughly 7.5% today. Is this


What Water's Worth

18/09/2014 03:06

SINGAPORE/ATLANTA - In the early nineteenth century, Lord Byron wrote in that Till taught by pain, men really know not what good water's worth. Nearly 200


Great Cities and Ghost Towns

18/09/2014 01:03

HONG KONG - Many observers tend to regard the rise of unoccupied modern ghost towns, funded through risk-laden local-government financing vehicles (LGFVs), as


The Out-Of-Sync Relay Between the Fed and the ECB

18/09/2014 05:59

The U.S. Federal Reserve is keeping its monetary policy on a dual track: monetary expansion today and unspecified tightening tomorrow. This ambiguity benefits


If "Yes" Wins: A Plan to Save the Pound

18/09/2014 05:58

Encouraging unemployment data and rumors that the Bank of England's (BOE) monetary policy committee is leaning toward a rapid interest rate increase gave a


The Euro-Lifesaver

18/09/2014 05:57

Today, the European Central Bank (ECB) plays the first card in a difficult match against deflation in the euro zone, launching a financing operation for banks

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