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In partenza sul treno del futuro

27/04/2015 06:36

L'Its per la Mobilità sostenibile- Settore ferroviario, ospitato dall'Ita Villaggio dei Ragazzi di Maddaloni (Caserta), forma dal 2011 specialisti dei trasporti su rotaia. ... La sintesi dell'Its campano si svolge in un programma di quattro semestri e 1.800 ore, divisi tra un 50% di formazione in aula e un 50% speso in azienda tra lezioni tecnico-teoriche e la pratica "pura" del tirocinio. ... Non a caso, fa notare il presidente dell'Its Vincenzo Torrieri, la manutenzione resta uno fra i bacini...


The South is increasingly distant. The gap with the North widens

26/04/2015 02:05

Under pressure from globalization, Italian inequality grows. But never for good reasons. It always grows for the worst of motives. Italian inequality has


Italy, nine million left behind

26/04/2015 02:04

There exists an army of nine million people dubbed the Third Society - a term used in a study of economic inequality to distinguish a particular social strata


A little more «equal» planet

26/04/2015 02:04

More unequal, and more equal. The debate about inequality burst out last year, with the release of the book "Capital in the Twenty-First Century" by Thomas


The Return of Confidence that Overshadows the Populists

25/04/2015 05:59

Just three months ago, the anti-Europe wave seemed unstoppable. In Greece, Syriza's radical coalition had conquered the government, opening the road for


Borse volatili? A volte basta una parola... Ecco come i potenti scuotono i mercati

24/04/2015 11:14

Parola d'ordine volatiltà. In attesa di schiarite definitive dalla Grecia (oggi è in programma l'Eurogruppo da cui però non dovrebbero scaturire decisioni


Bund Is a Short to Take

24/04/2015 05:59

After four years of unstoppable rise and 15 months of free fall, exactly when the analysts expected a further decline, the yields on the German 10-year Bund


Do not Let the "Employment Spring" Go to Waste

24/04/2015 05:58

The figures are temporary, incomplete, and correctable at best. And yet, the bottom line of assets and liabilities drawn by the Ministry of Labor on the 25th


If the End of Athens Is the End of the Euro

23/04/2015 05:59

In the beginning, it was the crisis between Russia and the Ukraine at the peak of its violence to attract general attention. Now it's the uncontrolled crisis


The Stability Needed for a Major Change

23/04/2015 05:58

As banking foundations and the Ministry of the Economy sign off on a definitive new set of regulations, the first stage in the life cycle of these institutions

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