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France's Government and the Non-existing Coalition

28/11/2015 04:59

In Versailles on Nov. 16, three days after the Paris massacres, French President François Hollande attempted to illustrate for French parliament members the


Europe, Wake up and Protect Your Industry!

28/11/2015 04:58

Can we stop the hands of the clock of time and go back to the 1900s-the century of ideologies? And should we ignore the fact that China (a member country of


Italy and a Robot Named Pippo

26/11/2015 04:59

I had a dream: a robot named Pippo, who owes everything to man, but is able to do anything by itself thanks to artificial intelligence. Starting from Palermo,


The Need for a Control Room in the Alliance

26/11/2015 04:58

There is an 'Italian style' in military missions and the war on terror. True, Italy chose global strategy over spotty interventions and air raids, but its


With Mattarella, the Best of Italy Returns in Europe

26/11/2015 04:57

When on Oct. 7, at the peak of the refugee crisis, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President François Holland appeared together before the EU


Toyota, guida autonoma dal 2020 (in autostrada)

25/11/2015 02:39

La casa giapponese ha già l'ITS su alcune auto in Giappone, ma vede tempi più lunghi di Nissan per l'auto-robot in città. Abbiamo provato entrambi sulle strade di Tokyo


Jihadi Terrorism and the Strategy of the Zen Toad

25/11/2015 04:59

In nature, there are three fundamental strategies for reacting to danger: fight, flight or play dead. A tiger attacks, a gazelle runs away, and the toad-like


Divisions Are Scaring the Markets

25/11/2015 04:59

For the cynical financial markets, which are currently operated more by machines than human beings, one downed Russian jet fighter counts more than the people


If Every Nation Choses to Fight Its Own War

25/11/2015 04:58

It's time to take off the masks. If everyone wages their own war in the Levant, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi could achieve his plan to divide up Iraq and Syria-a


The African Roots of Global Jihad

21/11/2015 04:59

The war against the Caliphate triggers an alliance between the sacred and the profane: French President François Hollande with Russian President Valdimir

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