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Investment bank

Le investment bank svolgono attivitÓ quali l'emissione, la sottoscrizione e il collocamento di titoli sul mercato primario per conto di aziende, istituzioni pubbliche ed istituzioni finanziarie.

(Aggiornato il 23 aprile 2012 )

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A European Triangle to Restart Growth

17/10/2014 05:59

A new three-pronged approach to European economic policy is almost ready to bring together budget austerity, structural reforms and public and private


New Battlegrounds in Development Finance

15/10/2014 03:20

China will launch a new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.


A Package of Stimulus and Reforms

09/10/2014 05:59

In Europe, unemployment is almost at 12 percent, double the level in the United States, and the economy is at risk of stoping again. In such worsened


Berlin Wins In the EU Too.

02/10/2014 05:57

"At this point, all is left to do for Merkel is to personally settle in the community's institutions," says ironically a high-level European dignitary,


Dal salva-Stati all'Eurofondo, ecco lo scudo al dogma rigorista

28/09/2014 02:11

Le sue potenzialitÓ emergono adesso anche dagli accordi di collaborazione che lo Esm ha stabilito in marzo con la European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (Bers) e, due giorni fa, con la Nordic Investment Bank (Nib).


Junker's Battle in a Europe Without Growth

25/09/2014 05:59

In the end all this could end up in a composed liturgy without surprises: political tensions will return to being under control, "nuclear" weapons will be


Investments in Search of a Lever for Confidence

23/09/2014 05:59

The G-20 of economy ministers, governors of central banks and the heads of their analogous international organizations met during the weekend, a few days after


Europe's "Announcement Syndrome"

17/09/2014 08:30

After many "investment" summits and an uninterrupted series of initiatives (2020 Horizon and many others), the ministers seemed however to require yet another study, mandating the European Commission and the European Investment Bank (EIB) to submit a report on "practical measures for profitable investment projects."


The Match Italy Is at Risk of Losing

26/08/2014 05:57

Saturday's Council of European Union Heads of State and Government is supposed to produce the appointments for European commissioners, president of the Council

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