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Investment bank

Le investment bank svolgono attività quali l'emissione, la sottoscrizione e il collocamento di titoli sul mercato primario per conto di aziende, istituzioni pubbliche ed istituzioni finanziarie.

(Aggiornato il 23 aprile 2012 )

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Europe's "Announcement Syndrome"

17/09/2014 08:30

After many "investment" summits and an uninterrupted series of initiatives (2020 Horizon and many others), the ministers seemed however to require yet another study, mandating the European Commission and the European Investment Bank (EIB) to submit a report on "practical measures for profitable investment projects."


The Match Italy Is at Risk of Losing

26/08/2014 05:57

Saturday's Council of European Union Heads of State and Government is supposed to produce the appointments for European commissioners, president of the Council


A Path to Growth from the ECB and Eurobonds

20/08/2014 05:59

The public debt of the euro zone's 18 member states rose to just over 9 trillion euros in the first quarter of 2014, 93.9 percent of GDP. It's hard for all of


Why We Need a Policy for Industry and Infrastructure

20/08/2014 05:57

The question is whether the euro zone (EMU) is headed towards a crawling depression and deflation, crystallized following the-bad-data from the second quarter


Nobody Is Immune from the Contagion

15/08/2014 05:57

For six times in the last seven years, Europeans have forecast a higher growth than the one actually achieved. Some say optimists live happier lives, but


La stampa russa conferma: l'investment bank Vtb punta alla maggioranza di Roberto Cavalli

12/08/2014 10:07

La banca di investimenti russa Vtb Capital sarebbe in trattativa per l'acquisto del 60% della società e del marchio Roberto Cavalli, con cui ancora però non


The Line Between a Past of Crisis and a Future of Recovery

08/08/2014 05:59

The case of Italy's second-quarter, gross domestic product confirms a slowdown that continues since the third quarter of 2011. The smaller decline compared


Can Investment Save Europe?

30/07/2014 05:18

Oddly, the European Investment Bank, the EU's financial arm, is authorized to provide only loans and guarantees, not equity investment.


How to Avoid the Useless Battle on Decimals

30/07/2014 05:57

While the European decimals are active, the year 2014 is marked by a low growth for the euro zone, or European Monetary Union (EMU) and by an almost

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