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Investment bank

Le investment bank svolgono attivitÓ quali l'emissione, la sottoscrizione e il collocamento di titoli sul mercato primario per conto di aziende, istituzioni pubbliche ed istituzioni finanziarie.

(Aggiornato il 23 aprile 2012 )

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The Match Italy Is at Risk of Losing

26/08/2014 05:57

Saturday's Council of European Union Heads of State and Government is supposed to produce the appointments for European commissioners, president of the Council


A Path to Growth from the ECB and Eurobonds

20/08/2014 05:59

The public debt of the euro zone's 18 member states rose to just over 9 trillion euros in the first quarter of 2014, 93.9 percent of GDP. It's hard for all of


Why We Need a Policy for Industry and Infrastructure

20/08/2014 05:57

The question is whether the euro zone (EMU) is headed towards a crawling depression and deflation, crystallized following the-bad-data from the second quarter


Nobody Is Immune from the Contagion

15/08/2014 05:57

For six times in the last seven years, Europeans have forecast a higher growth than the one actually achieved. Some say optimists live happier lives, but


La stampa russa conferma: l'investment bank Vtb punta alla maggioranza di Roberto Cavalli

12/08/2014 10:07

La banca di investimenti russa Vtb Capital sarebbe in trattativa per l'acquisto del 60% della societÓ e del marchio Roberto Cavalli, con cui ancora per˛ non


The Line Between a Past of Crisis and a Future of Recovery

08/08/2014 05:59

The case of Italy's second-quarter, gross domestic product confirms a slowdown that continues since the third quarter of 2011. The smaller decline compared


Can Investment Save Europe?

30/07/2014 05:18

Oddly, the European Investment Bank, the EU's financial arm, is authorized to provide only loans and guarantees, not equity investment.


How to Avoid the Useless Battle on Decimals

30/07/2014 05:57

While the European decimals are active, the year 2014 is marked by a low growth for the euro zone, or European Monetary Union (EMU) and by an almost


La Bulgaria va al voto anticipato

24/07/2014 02:46

Dopo la corsa agli sportelli bancari di due delle maggiori banche bulgare, crisi non causata da problemi del sistema bancario ma dalla guerra fra due oligarchi

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