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21/10/2014 03:41

Ricerca e sperimentazione sui materiali, per creare elementi di arredo che siano il più possibile versatili e adatti a tutte le esigenze. E' questo il filo


21/10/2014 01:17

Open space, flessibilità, dinamismo: il futuro dell'ambiente di lavoro si declina attraverso questi concetti. Che, combinati a dovere, delineano le


Objective Browth: If Not Now, When?

16/10/2014 05:59

It is certainly the consequence of the renewed uncertainty surrounding the exit of Greece from the crisis and Fitch's sounding the alarm on the risks of the


Reduced Resources

10/10/2014 05:59

Compared with a target of 16 billion euros of spending cuts indicated in the Economic and Financial Document in April, the spending review that the Italian


Archive the Workplace of the 1900s with Deeds

09/10/2014 05:58

On the day when Italy leaves the 900 behind and formally acknowledges in the Senate that a business "is not a weapon of its owners," but a place where


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07/10/2014 08:33

Tempi stretti e agenda affollata per il premier, a partire dal controverso Jobs act, su cui il governo conferma il voto di fiducia mercoledì al Senato. In


The Moment for Choices

07/10/2014 05:58

Asking for a confidence vote in Parliament on a draft bill is not business as usual. One could certainly call it an event forced by the desire of Prime


The Real Reform in Article 18

07/10/2014 05:57

Are they correct, those who maintain that there's an ideological battle swirling around Article 18, because there are tough laws protecting workers, and even


05/10/2014 01:52

Un rinnovamento ai vertici che non è soltanto formale, ma strategico per ideare e attuare un piano industriale che, nel giro di cinque anni, porti l'azienda a


The Real Challenge is Creating a New European Social Contract [Pact]

04/10/2014 05:59

"We wish to reestablish the relationship between France and Germany on a completely new basis, orienting the wartime industries that used to divide us towards

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